Monday, February 04, 2008

Why I Love Jezebel

I'd like to say that I enjoy reading Jezebel because I identify with its liberal, feisty, feminist-in-a-good-way agenda, but actually it's just because the comments really make me laugh.

It's great watching smart young American ladies get all hot under the collar about Stephen Merchant, for example:

"I know it's so cliche to be into British accents but sorry, they are sexy. And he has that lovely Bristol, so very attractive."

By crikey. Imagine what would happen if they ever became aware of Phil Harding.

Attention American ladies: this man may make your panties go 'wheeee'.

Also, Jezebel is living proof that an American woman can be as serious and intellectual as she likes, but she's never above debating whether that's parsley or coriander (sorry, cilantro) that Rachel Bilson's sniffing in the supermarket:

"Appears to be parsley."
"Looks like Parsley to me. Not Italian flat-leaf, mind you, but the regular garnish-y kind."
"It's actually curly parsley, not the flat leaf kind."
"She's prob making some store-bought Mexican. Which would make a good case for the leafy greens being cilantro, but the leaves don't look flat enough so I'm going with parsley."
"Why would you smell parsley? It's not like basil or something. It just smells like green wet leaves."

And so on.

And it's thanks to Jezebel that on Friday I learned a brand new insult: 'reg'.

"What's a reg? Well, Mitt Romney is the ultimate reg, people who show up to Dane Cook shows are regs, MBAs are almost uniformly regs, people who work in the marketing department of successful software companies are usually regs."

According to that definition, I am, or at least used to be, a reg. And there was me thinking I was the complete opposite, viz. a 'hipster chick'.

I suppose the fact that I'm acquainted with the oeuvre of Phil Harding should have given it away, really.


Billy said...

Yer! So feminists from Amerikahl find the Brizzle accents sexy, like?

james henry said...


Ian said...

I want to use reg ASAP. Is the g hard or soft?

Tim Footman said...

I thought reg was the one who went a bit mental when he got dumped from The Bill.

You've got an MBA? Crikey.

Rosie said...

Phil Harding... phwoar.

[retires to the corner, disgusted with herself]

Paul Rayson said...

I like people who like English things. I'm an Anglophileophile.