Friday, February 22, 2008

That's My Money You've Got, You Bastards

I wonder if anyone can spot any kind of link between this blog post of mine from April last year...

British Gas sent me TWO letters last Thursday, one demanding immediate payment of £740.74, and the other demanding immediate payment of £461.47. Failure to pay these, would, they informed me, result in them coming round to disconnect my supply. They might also BRING THE POLICE WITH THEM, they hadn't decided yet.

Still, this might be an improvement (it's hard to tell) on my last monthly bill, for £1,013.64, which I received while away in France, after a month when my (one-bedroom) flat had been empty and the central heating off.

...and this story from today's Guardian:

Ofgem said yesterday it was launching an investigation into Britain's electricity and gas supply markets after recent price increases. The announcement came within hours of news of a sharp rise in profits from the country's biggest residential energy supplier, British Gas.

[British Gas] defended the latest price increase at a time it was reporting sharply higher profits. Finance director Nick Luff said 2007 had been a "year of two halves" with British Gas Residential making £533m profit in the first half as wholesale prices fell against £38m in the second half when they rose sharply.

Hmm, big profits in the first half of last year, eh? I wonder how they managed that.

It's lovely to see deserving entities like British Gas and Henry Conway doing so well for themselves with my money. It makes me feel all warm inside. Warm with RIGHTEOUS SEETHING ANGER.


Albert said...

Ah, this is like the good old days of Telepest and Agents Of Lucifer. Don't get me started on N Powerpuff.

Dave said...

Still, Cornwall isn't connected to any form of national grid, is it?

So you're safe now.

Sarah said...

I don't understand how they're putting up the price of energy so that old people freeze to death in winter, and then reporting huge profits, and then GETTING AWAY WITH IT. How is this happening?

GreatSheElephant said...

if it's any comfort, I feel a good percentage of what you paid is going towards the fiasco that is fixing my boiler.

llewtrah said...

Are you sure there isn't an energy-hungry lighthouse connected up to your gas supply?