Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This Year's Obligatory Cat Post

What - I haven't talked about cats in two years? Surely some mistake. To rectify the matter, here courtesy of Nibus (and probably with a small contribution by the late-to-the-fray viral marketing team* at Whiskas), is a Guide To What Your Cat Is Really Saying.

Catspeak Translator

This is, of course, a load of made-up old rubbish designed to make people think about their brand preferences when it comes to the purchase of stinking processed cat meat.

I mean, where's the cat-speak for "You stink", "This stinks", "Let's not get into who stinks of what", "Whaaaaaaaaa...?" and "I hate you, you stink"? Which appear to be the only non-food-related thoughts that ever flit through what passes for cerebral matter among my two fat, decrepit, tattered, pus-oozing bastards darlings.

* And it's worked, hasn't it? I told you I was a marketer's dream.

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