Thursday, August 04, 2005

Resistance Is Futile: You Will Be Etymologised

The lovely and glamorous Pashmina has put the investigative cat among the etymological pigeons (oh dear) by unwittingly alerting me to the Oxford English Dictionary's sci-fi vocabulary research site. And just as I was thinking that what I really need right now is yet another distraction from work, as well.

Oh, so many challenges, so little time. So I think I'll concentrate on just one word (and one of my all-time favourites): cyborg. All I need to do is find a written example of it that pre-dates 1960. Come on. Surely this is going to be easier than resurrecting the Lost Language of the Picts?

Must scurry home *immediately* and consult weighty, pretentious textbook.


Pashmina said...

Why, thank you. Always a pleasure to inadvertently send someone off into the far-flung corners of the interweb.

I'll say this: there are a hell of a lot of cyborg references in the index of weighty, pretentious textbook. Am particularly intrigued by the "ethnography of..." on pages 148-9.

cello said...

Come on missus. Get posting. Anyone would think you had something better to do, like turning on the TV, polishing a Klippan or watching a classic film by Powell and Pressburger.

patroclus said...

I know cello, it's the old problem: do I blather on about nothing for the sake of keeping the blog up to date, or wait for something exciting (relatively exciting, I mean - the chances of my being called upon to mend the space shuttle or appear on Richard & Judy are fairly remote) to happen and then write a pithy, "hilarious" post about it?

Wait, hang on - I've only missed out one day! Tsk, there's just no pleasing some people.

cello said...

Do you not understand addiction?

Herge Smith said...

"And the villagers with torches a blaze screamed, 'Vile Monster!' Frankenstein’s creation turned to face them and bellowed back like Pauline Fowler in the Vic- 'I think you'll find cyborg is more accurate, a cybernetic organism, and I’ll please you to remember that for next time…bloody villagers, thick as pig shit. This is why I’m moving down to Guildford, much better class of villager there, plus they use battery operated torches – living flame torches are so last year.’”

I think this predates 1960. Ahem *nervous cough*