Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lingerie Interlude

While I'm waiting for inspiration to post something that doesn't make me sound like a vacuous West London tart (only £2,876.54 a slice from Tatin Catin* on Turnham Green Terrace), I bring you important news from the world of frighteningly expensive French lingerie!

Yes, I know this isn't actually doing anything to dispel the vacuous-West-London-tart image, but frighteningly expensive French lingerie is to me as gorgeous handbags are to Pashmina and, erm, multiplayer role-playing fantasy-quest type games are to James, so please hear me out.

So having paid a visit earlier to the fancy underwear emporium on the aforementioned Turnham Green Terrace, and finding its collection wanting, I've just spent a merry hour or so trawling the online catalogues of the finest purveyors of such apparel, including Aubade, Lejaby and Chantelle.

And I'm totally delighted to report that Lejaby has seen fit to create a whole collection of tweed underwear for the coming Autumn. As if Autumn wasn't fantastic enough as it is! Tweed underwear! Just look at it!

If anyone calls for me, I'll be on the third floor of Selfridges spending money I haven't got.

* I am insanely proud of this gag. Just thought I'd say.


Smat said...

I knitted some grey woolly knickers for a friend of my Mum who saw some in one of the Sunday supplements and thought it was hysterically funny how much money people would pay for something so ridiculously uncomfortable.

patroclus said...

Fantastic. Didn't you crochet me a bikini once? Or did I dream that?

cello said...

Thank you, thank you. Water to a parched traveller.

I'm guessing that 'catin' means the other sort of tart. You have a most impressive - if slighty insalubrious - french vocab, I must say.

I wish I could share the joy of sensual French underwear with you, but, unlike Pashmina's Italian handbags, I am beyond their reach. I don't think their balconnets would provide enough lift to hoist my giant blancmanges. I need something not unlike an inflatable dinghy. So it's bright yellow rubber for me this autumn, then.

Smat said...

there was a bikini, although it was a prototype and therefore 1. not the corect size and 2. not made from an appropriate material (purple acrylic as i recall). But it was crocheted which is much cooler than knitted these days.

patroclus said...

Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. Never mind tweed; bright yellow rubber and crocheted purple acrylic are our hot lingerie tips for this Autumn and Winter. Tomorrow's Sunday Times Style section should confirm your worst fears.

LC said...

>>>>bright yellow rubber and crocheted purple acrylic are our hot lingerie tips

I spent today watching the Brighton Gay Pride Parade from my balcony, and it's like they read your mind.

belladona said...

Don't show me hideously expensive things. I'm already dangerously overdrawn due to a new passion for guitars.

Pashmina said...

I never thought I'd be typing these words, but: ooh, lovely tweed underwear.

As it happens I've spent much of the weekend (well, the bits that didn't involve drinking my own bodyweight in smoothies) contemplating the purchase of new underwear. Of course by the time I get there you'll have cleaned out Selfridges..