Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh Help Me God

The other week I was sapped once again of my will to live by this article in the Sunday Times 'Thirtysomething Middle-Class Wanker' supplement.

In fact the juxtaposition, in one single paragraph, of phrases like 'Cath Kidston tent', 'kids', 'croquet', 'yoga' and 'Lemon Jelly headlining', is still sending shivers of horror up my spine.

Which is, of course, why I've just purchased a ticket to the not-like-the-Big-Chill-at-all-honest Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight, on the 10th September. I'm not staying the night, though, so thankfully I don't have to invest in one of these. And you won't see me dead in anything like these. Inappropriate footwear will prevail! And I don't have any kids, thank Christ, so I won't have to worry about little Darcey and Jake's soiled nappies filthing up my iPod.


Pass me that bottle of water, I feel a bout of nausea nostalgia coming on.


Pashmina said...

Fruitstock! My point exactly!
If I ever see you in a pair of Boden wellies I'll have to confiscate your iPod.

There are no words though, are there? I think Cath Kidston tents might very well be the work of the devil. I just want it on record that the one and only trait I share with these middle-youth types (according to the definitive list supplied by that article) is a fondness for Innocent smoothies. So that's all right then.

surly girl said...

I was ranting over the boden catalogue with my sis the other day...bloody smug johnny bloody boden, whimsically suggesting i fork out eighty five quid for a cardigan...

belladona said...

Ah! Now I remember why I particularly wanted to email you! Shame I forgot while the actual emailing was occuring.
The Mighty Boosh

patroclus said...

Ohh, thanks bella (thanks for the email too)! But oh nooooo, that's exactly when I'll be wending my way to Ally Pally to see Nick Cave. Hmm, maybe I can stop off at Borders on the way, quickly pull the boy Barratt (maybe by drugging him, or something) and drag him to the Nick Cave gig with me. That would be a highly successful Thursday evening.

And a big welcome to surlygirl (nice blog, btw - made me laugh within seconds of arriving, which is always good). Yup, Johnnie Boden will be first against the wall come the revolution. Wearing nothing but a pair of blue floral wellingtons.

cello said...

I am thoroughly loving The Mighty Boosh and so, astonishly, is Mr C. But I'm not in love with anyone yet. Except possibly The Man in the Moon. But still not enough to make it to Borders. How are you Bella? Haven't seen much of you recently.

belladona said...

Hey Cello! I have been busy doing stuff. Annoyingly my work have still not given me decent virus-proof internet access so I'm not getting online much. I'm going to just miss the boosh boys too as I'm coming to your fair(?) city a day later. Gah.

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