Monday, September 03, 2007

Fame At Last, Fame At Last*

Fellow bloggers, it seems you (or rather, we) have an opportunity for unimaginable fame, fortune and celebrity.

As previously noted by Chuffy! in the comments of this post, BBC Radio 4 seems to be starting a new programme that will highlight good things from the blogosphere, compiled from suggestions that its blog-reading listeners send in.

The official BBC blurb goes something like this:

"The Blog Prog is a new weekly programme for Radio 4. It aims to set a new standard for radio production and its relationship with the audience. The 'Blog Prog' will distil the best and most challenging discussion and debate from the blogosphere. The half hour programme will also generate its own stories through its own blog & will open up the editorial process to take advantage of a well informed and blog savvy audience. At it's [sic - good thing they're not aiming to set a new standard for spelling and grammar, eh, hoho?] heart it's about how we take these ideas and this transform this online debate and personal testimony into arresting and thought provoking radio."

There is an almost completely indecipherable discussion thread about it here.

If any of you good readers work at the BBC and can explain exactly what's going on, it would be much appreciated. It looks like a nice opportunity to bring attention-worthy blog content to a wider audience, but I see no info about how to submit suggestions nor where to submit them to.

Apparently it's going to have its own blog as well, but I can't see any evidence of that yet either.

* Not for me personally, although a journalist from the Times emailed me today to say they might want to take my picture for an article they're doing, but they wanted to check what I look like first. I haven't heard back since I sent my photo, so perhaps I'm too hideous for the Murdoch Machine.

UPDATE: Occasional Poster of Comments reminded me that Radio 4 did a series about bloggers last year, featuring several of yer usual suspects. It made me think about how things have moved on, and about how the media drifted away from the blogging 'craze' and latched on to Second Life, and then Facebook. (Facebook!)

And then I actually, genuinely found myself thinking "people these days, on Facebook, they have all their entertainment provided for them, Movie Quiz application, Stripper Name application, Zombies and what have you...don't know they're *our* day we had to make our own entertainment, we had to make our own games, we didn't have anything provided for us...."

In our day! This was last year! Things are moving far too fast for my liking these days.

UPDATE 2: James from Miscellany Symposium reminds me that BBC Radio Five Live also has its own programme dedicated to blogs (and podcasts) called Blogs and Pods, which also rounds up interesting things from the blogosphere. And he was featured on it last night apparently, good work young sir.


BiB said...

Or perhaps too beautiful for it? That's far more likely.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Perhaps this programme proved particularly successful, so they've decided to extend it somehow? I heard a few and it wasn't too bad, if I remember rightly.

Oh, right. It looks like you can still listen.

patroclus said...

BiB: I don't think it will be a catastrophic loss to anyone if my picture doesn't appear in the paper.

OPC: Thanks for that - I seem to remember Spinny (or it might have been someone else) laying into that programme with no little amount of vitriol, but I didn't hear any of it myself. I shall have a little listen now, it'll put off doing the washing up for a bit.

Spinsterella said...

Oh dear god.

Yes I did lay into that programme, for its yawningly predictable choice of bloggers...I think they were: Really Irritating Red Boat, Really Iritating Petite Anglais, GWTBFA, Annie Mole (actually I like her blog, but, really)...

I would put my life savings* on several of these and others you may well recognise popping up loooong before any of the good ones get a mention.

*thruppence ha'penny, but it's the principle

Tim Footman said...

"they might want to take my picture for an article they're doing, but they wanted to check what I look like first"

That's a bit like saying "I might want to shag you, can you get naked first so I can see whether it might be worth my while?"

Billy said...

Ah, fatal fame. I think any bloggers who appear should be heavily disguised. Which of course won't matter on the radio.

James said...

Patroclus, you may be interested to hear there is already a blogging program on BBC Radio.

There is a show called "Pods & Blogs" on radio 5 which is downloadable via a podcast. I don't know much about it, as it only come to my attention this morning, due to the fact my blog was mentioned on it last night. woohoo.

You can go to the shows page here

GreatSheElephant said...

* Good God. It's bad enough that they do that in women's magazines. But the Times? What is the Thunderer coming to?

patroclus said...

James: I'd forgotten all about that one, thanks for reminding me, and well done for getting on it! I'm off to have a listen now...

GSE: I just thought it was funny. Should I be outraged?

GreatSheElephant said...

The overall principle of the thing outrages me. Whether you choose to be outraged about your individual case is up to you - probably healthy that you aren't.

Arabella said...

Oh what nonsense. Nobody works at the BBC anymore. Cleaners come in at night, turn a few lights on and has been empty for years.