Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Never Mind All That

You know what the blogosphere doesn't have nearly enough of?

It doesn't have nearly enough sweary rants about doors, Aristotelian principles of symmetry, battery corrosion and the course of the ancient river Fleet.

Fortunately, veteran commenter and fellow Everyone Hates Attachments alumnus chuffy!, in the mythical guise of 'Jack Door', is addressing all of these lacunae in a long-awaited new blog.

I heartily recommend that you slake your ranty door-thirst by visiting Perceptions of Doors immediately!

UPDATE: Hardcore door fans will also enjoy browsing the fabulous pictures at Vic's Flickr page here.


Jack Door said...

Thankyou for the excellent summary. Your pulling power has ensured that at least two, yes *two*, people have stopped by the sweary door blog. But two *quality* people, so all is good.

ps. I've just been told by the BBC's own Ms.Door that there are adverts in Ariel for staff for a new Radio4 show called 'The Blog Prog'(This'll be for the Corporation staff who can pull themselves away from MyFace for more than a minute). Are you aware of this hell?

cello said...

Three now. I am in awe of your doors and hope you soon get four or more customers.

patroclus said...

Ooh, name confusion now! Should I call you chuffy! or Jack?

I would hope you had more than two visitors, but unless you install a sitemeter there's not really any way of telling.

The Blog Prog, eh? Classy name. I was not aware of it, but I am intrigued - what format is it going to be, do you know?

Jack Door said...

I'm not sure on that..I think the ad went on about "recreating the best of the debate of the blogosphere". I reckon they have about a 4% chance of getting it right...

You can call me what you want, Spoon.

patroclus said...

I like that: 'recreating the best of the debate from the blogosphere'. Via a one-way broadcast medium controlled by a massive media organisation. Hmm.

Thanks for the tip-off though; I'll look out for it.

LC said...

Finally, something worth posting on Chumster. Ta, P.

BiScUiTs said...

That's so weird, I was thinking about doors on my way home today, about how they are dangerous. I got trapped in the doors on the train while they were closing, and also had a bit of trouble with the door on the way out of the station. I was thinking it's about we had a doorless society, but then I thought people would probably just use windows, and eventually it wouldn't be long before we'd end up with doors again. Actually, looking at that blog has reminded me that doors CAN be beautiful, as well as potentially dangerous.