Sunday, November 13, 2005

Top Weekend

You can't go wrong with a weekend that contains all of the following elements:

1. Dinner with the Slough contingent of my merry band, at which it was decided that "a whole group of us" would shortly spend a weekend in a haunted house "somewhere in Wales" with the aim of scaring ourselves silly with the aid of EMF readers, night-vision thingies, special ink, trigger objects and whatnot. Bring it on!

2. Accidentally watching an entertaining programme on Channel 5 in which a lot of completely naked people discussed what they like about their own genitalia. Best moment:

MAN ON TELLY: Look, I can make my cock touch the bottom of this pint glass! (Proceeds to demonstrate)

THE LOVELY L: Oh my God - they drink out of that*!

3. An outrageously expensive haircut. Or rather, two haircuts, as the 'stylist' saw fit to make part of it curly and part of it straight. I soon battered it back into its usual shapeless mess, though. Result!

4. Lunch in Islington (no. of Nathan Barleys to the square foot: 4.5) with ex-Mr P, who's looking mighty handsome these days. Not that he didn't before, but you know what I mean.

5. A tip-top Martha Wainwright gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, which was a bit like a game of See How Many Bookish Female Guardian Readers We Can Cram Into One Medium-Sized Former Theatre. (LC describes it better).

6. Dancing to early 90s indie classics at the Borderline in Charing Cross Road.

7. A protracted moonlit walk through the streets of London in - hmm - entertaining company.

8. Sunday lunch and second-hand book shopping with TR in Camden.


* In reference to the pint glass, obviously. Why, what were *you* thinking?

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LC said...

You ended up in the Borderline? Oh dear lord...

(likuw - er... dunno, but it sounds highly unsanitary)

patroclus said...

Indeed - and it was great. So there!

Wyndham said...

I went for a nicewalk this weekend, if you were wondering. Which was nice.

patroclus said...

Shame on you, W - surely you should have been chained to your fireside armchair ploughing your way through Cryptonomicon?

Juggling Mother said...

early 90's classics is just a bit modern for me:-)

Moonlit walks in entertaining company? Sounds like the start of a very dodgy film!

Aginoth said...

Lost boys Flash Back again dear?

Jack Spanners said...

I found the man with the pint glass quite alarming (who'd want one that big anyway?)

However, the shaven headed, tattoed, no-nippled, lady-boy-man-girl-type-thing totally freaked me out.

patroclus said...

Ha Jack - I'd forgotten about him/her. Yes, that was commendably weird.

Aginoth: Lost Boys...Lost Boys...hmm. Well as I recall, the weekend didn't include any jumping off bridges, hanging out with Kiefer Sutherland, consorting with the Frog Brothers or listening to the Doors, but then I *could* have blocked all of that out of my memory...

patroclus said...

Oh I see, you weren't talking to me. Doh.

Mrs A: It didn't *seem* like the start of a dodgy film, but what do I know?

A: The Lost Boys isn't dodgy - it's a classic!

Juggling Mother said...

you betcha it's a classic:

sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die.

sounds like a good life to me

Grandpa was the head vamp you know - he never eats, only drinks red "root beer" and knows exactly where/who all the other vamps \are!

PS, don't I deserve a link yet:-(?

cello said...

I'm *such* a bad guest! Apologies.

charl said...

oh, please blog the overnight excitement. what a great plan!

patroclus said...

charl, like all great plans, it's one that will probably never get off the ground.

But just in case - does anyone know any haunted houses in deepest Wales that one can just...err...rock up to and camp overnight?