Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Patroclus vs. Cave: Round 2

Despite my dismal experience at Alexandra Palace earlier this year (echoed by Tabby Rabbit's White Stripes fiasco last night), I've decided to forgive Nick Cave* for his execrably poor venue choice and give him another chance.

He's touring solo in the New Year but the London show is already sold out, so I've opted to go and see him in Cambridge instead on the 31st Jan. In my customary profligate style, I've bought TWO tickets, but currently have no particular recipient in mind for the second. Hint: I'll probably give it away to the first person who shouts "Me! Me! Over here! Me!".

In other news, I got terribly overexcited in my Spanish class earlier and accidentally formed a business relationship with the boy Keith (whom attentive readers may remember from a portentous dream I had about the eschaton). Of course it's early days - I only have a mobile number and an email address scrawled on the back of a business card - but who knows? In a year's time we could all be millionaires. Fenomenál!

* I have no idea why the boy Cave gets so many mentions in this blog, by the way. Perhaps he wants to be a leitmotif.


Urban Chick said...


[when is the lesson on 'relationships'? i'm way off that kinda thing but i could find the way to the bank if dumped in an unfamiliar spanish city]

patroclus said...

We should really swap classes, UC - I know how to say I'm looking for a hot new toyboy, but I'd have no chance of finding my way back to the hotel if I was lost in Toledo.

greta said...

Now I'm jealous of your prospective Cave japes and hilarity. The last time I saw him do his thing to music was in Hammersmith a couple of years ago. And I was way up in the rafters behind every goth and his uncle. Still rather great though. Have you seen his film yet?

patroclus said...

Not seen the film yet Greta, but am v. much looking forward to the Cambridge gig. Alexandra Palace was a complete wash-out - far too big and you couldn't see anything at all, so am very excited at the prospect of seeing him in a smaller venue.

belladona said...

No hay y banyo.

That's it. There must have been a reason why my spanish teacher didn't like me. No idea what it was.