Monday, November 28, 2005

Blogmeet Reminder

A quick post to remind you that all bloggers, commenters and lurkers are most welcome to join us (when I say *us*, I'm pretty sure we will be in the plural, if not double figures) this Thursday evening for the Experimental Blog Meety-Uppy Thing in London's swinging Shepherd's Bush.

Details as follows:

The Seven Stars Bar and Dining Room
243 Goldhawk Road
London W12 8ET

Here is a map.

Nearest tubes are Ravenscourt Park (District) and Goldhawk Road (Hammersmith and City) - although the latter is quite a walk.

We'll be there from 7pm onwards to commandeer the comfy sofas.

Everyone welcome, no one has to wear badges (unless you want to). I'll be the diminutive scruffy-haired blonde one. Although it might be better to look out for LC, who still looks much like this, only without the hideous neck injuries and beatific death-bed expression.

Actually I don't even know if LC is coming. LC?


james henry said...

Marvellous, save an early spot for me.

GreatSheElephant said...

ah yes, the recognition thing. How about bringing something recognisable to put on the table, like a copy of Cryptonomicon for example?

Stef the engineer said...

Can you take pictures, for us provincial types who can't make it? Or would that be wrong?

surly girl said...


although if i could make it, once introductions were out of the way i'd spend the evening smiling politely with a glazed look as all you clever types talk about things far, far beyond my understanding. like sigur ros, and zeugmas, and cryptononononononononomicon....

i bet you still have fun tho.


patroclus said...

J: Super - will do.

GSE: Not a bad idea. Will Quicksilver do? My copy of Cryptonomicon is out on loan.

Stef: Pictures? Good lord, no.

SG: You'll be missed! Oh and I think the conversation will revolve mainly around speed-dating and the merits of different sorts of heels on boots. And maybe Martha Wainwright.

GreatSheElephant said...

Splendid. I shall probably be carrying Snowcrash (can't see me finishing it by Thursday) and wearing threatening business wear.

belladona said...

Gah. I still can't go. Even though I am apparently a modern day Eliza Bennett according to this quiz(thanks whoever it was I got this link from)
Though actually I would just be uttering the usual stammering tongue-tied goobledegook I always do when meeting new(ish) people.

patroclus said...

Heh heh - apparently I'm Mr Darcy. Form an orderly queue, ladies...

james henry said...

You didn't stammer at all. Although as I recall, you were sitting next to Stuart, so possibly you were too terrified to make a sound.

Smat said...

remember lurkers will need a seperate table within earshot.
Sorry I won't be able to make it - Mr Smat has an Important Meeting and I have Brownies.

LC said...

Um, yes - I'm coming. Although I'll probably have to leave fairly early to get the last train back to Hove*.

*Ha! See that, that's a legitimate early escape excuse - just in case P turns out to be a psychopath in real life.

GreatSheElephant said...

why do I get the feeling you all know each other already, apart from me?

Urban Chick said...

big fat bum

can't make it

*stamps foot petulantly*

Urban Chick said...

why do i just know this is going to be the beginning of something marvellous? something that will be referred to in the quality press as 'one wintry evening in early december 2005, when a little-known* group of bloggers were on the verge of taking the world by storm with their magnificent XXXXXX'

and i, buggery, won't be there

like i said: big fat bum

* excepting those who get mentions in the grauniad media

Tabby Rabbit said...

Will LC be staring at the ceiling like that all night? Could make drinking rather difficult.

I'm pobably coming along - and trying to drag a someone along but he's wimping out (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU COWARD.) Sorry. That may not be enouraging people. I won't shout or anything, I promise.

Also an Eliza Bennett - P we could get together but somehow I don't think you're my type.

UC - aww, pity. I wanted to see what shoes you were going to wear (oh, and to meet you, of course)

patroclus said...

>> why do I get the feeling you all know each other already, apart from me?<<

Well, er, ahem, it's fair to say that I seem to know everyone who claims to be coming, but they don't all know each other.

Anyway, who cares? It'll be marvellous to meet you, GSE. *And* anyone else who's planning to come along but hasn't said so.

And UC and SG and Stef and Scroobious and the Aginoths and Spinny and everyone else who can't make it or who lives in a much nicer place than London will be missed. So there.

Magnificent XXXXXX, though, hmm. Beer-drinking? Social anxiety? Prodigious smoking ability? Somehow I doubt whether any of these things will make the front page of the Guardian, Berliner format or no Berliner format.

Hmm, I seem to have accidentally made a cup of tea. How the fuck did that happen?

LC said...

>>>Hmm, I seem to have accidentally made a cup of tea. How the fuck did that happen?

Dunno. An improbable series of events involving a kettle, a carelessly discarded banana skin and an escaped tiger?

patroclus said...

That bloody tiger. Always hanging around by the teabags, distracting me from what I'm really about.

belladona said...

James - I think it's possible that Stuart was the too terrified one. I'm sure I spotted the whites of his eyes at one point. Seemed rather confused about the whole thing really, bless his heart.

ScroobiousScrivener said...

Terribly nice of you to say I'll be missed (along with the other cheeky strangers hanging around here). I'll be doubly sure to make the next one. Good luck with the XXXXXXXXXXX.

patroclus said...

Thanks Scroob - have a good time in South Africa!