Friday, November 18, 2005

Conversational Highlight No. 4

ME: You know what I thought on the way to work today?

TR: Er, no. What?

ME: That my life is totally like a service-oriented architecture*.

TR: Right. Well my life is like a next-generation network protocol.

ME: Which one?


ME: In what way?

TR: In that it's just a thin veneer masking the complexity behind it.

ME: Cool.

* In that it's really just made up of bits of things I stole from other people.

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Pashmina said...

I got as far as the word "computing" in that Wikipedia link, but after that it all went blurry.

Nice analogy though, I think.

patroclus said...

Pash, it's currently my second favourite analogy after Bagpuss's Chocolate Biscuit Factory, which seems to be an appropriate metaphor for everything I get up to these days. Might blog about that later. Er, if you're *lucky*.

james henry said...

Not quite the same, but made me think of this office conversation. I thinking of an life analogy involving obscure rpg systems, but I'll have to get back to you on that.

patroclus said...

That conversation is superb. But the Dyson Sphere - isn't that the orange ball that propels that wheelbarrow that doesn't fall over? I wouldn't really class that as a "spooky husk".

Re. RPG life analogy, the more convoluted the better, please. Bonus points if no one has a clue what you're going on about.

Smat said...

P - I think we need to have a serious chat about "losers from the science department" - you're starting to scare me a bit.

james henry said...

I hadn't thought of the vacuum cleaner, which although impressive, isn't quite as cool as the other kind of Dyson sphere.

patroclus said...

I *was* joking about the wheelbarrow (note to self: work on delivery). I actually saw Freeman Dyson talk at an uber-geeky conference once, but buggered if I can remember anything he said. Or if I understood any of it.

BiScUiTs said...

Oh yes that wheelbarrow with the orange ball! Don't ask me why but when I see that orange ball I get the mistaken impression that it might taste nice.

belladona said...

The chocolate biscuit factory from bagpuss is the best analogy for life I think I've ever come across.

patroclus said...

bella, you rock!

Pashmina said...

Oh my god. I know nothing about science. Nothing. All those hours in physics lessons spent surreptitiously reading Just Seventeen under the desk have come back to haunt me.

Pat - please do blog about Bagpuss, I understand that (superficially, at least)

james henry said...

Your delivery is fine - the explanation was for other people. I naturally assumed that was a joke as of course you'd know what a Dyson Sphere was. Kind of a presumption really, but I'm glad I was right.

patroclus said... would probably be fairer to say that I knew what it *wasn't*.

But I know what it is *now*, and I shall proceed to bore the pants off my gay friends this weekend (not that they usually need a lot of encouragement on that front) with my highbrow science chat about wrapping stars up in swarms of unspecified objects. So thank you.

Spinsterella said...

I didn't have a clue what all that computer stuff was about either.

What I think about on my way to work:

Look at those lovely Xmas decorations.

OMG - that kid has an earring and he's still in a pushchair.

Jelly Babies for breakfast? I wish my mum has let me eat that when I was 7...

(Slightly scabby 'hood)

surly girl said...

phew. i didn't dare comment before in case i came across all unedumacated. you highbrow meedja types can be quite intimidating you know. glad nobody else got it.

ah, the bagpuss chocolate biscuit machine. so poignant. so sad. so, well, insightful.

why am i watching ghostbusters?

charl said...

hehe - oh p! bpel indeed!

hen said...

hey is that *the* charl?

charl said...

that depends if it's the hen! hi hen!