Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rockstar Party

I was terribly excited to have been invited to a proper rockstar party last night by my good friend S (not the same S who featured in the deleted bit of last weekend's post, for anyone who saw and remembers that).

But let me tell you that being crammed into a West London pub that's heaving with the great and good of the NME is not all that much fun when you:

1. Don't (really) drink

2. Don't (really) do any drugs

3. Are 5' tall and bear little resemblance to a) Kate Moss or b) KT Tunstall

4. Have a neurotic aversion to being holed up in a confined space (in this case, a cellar) with fashionable musician-types

5. Don't actually recognise anyone - who's that guy who looks like Charles II? Nope, me neither - thus being denied the pleasure of extensive name-dropping afterwards.

6. Wish to discuss your New Theory of Blogging at length.

But I did have a lovely dinner with S beforehand, and the marathon walk home was great.

Sorry, Heat mag - let you down again there.

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Spinsterella said...

15 years ago, my ultimate dream would have been to go to an indie rock party in a cellar full of NME types.

(Actually, I'm still kind of jealous..)

patroclus said...

Ha, Spinny - me too. And 15 years ago I might actually have been in with a chance of knowing who I was in the room with. That Mark Thingy out of Ride for example - he was lovely.

Smat said...

did we not end up in a pub full of NME-types once, and all we managed was to get chatted up by a drunk postman? Or am I imagining that?

patroclus said...

You aren't imagining it - same evening, two different pubs, though. As I recall, we were trying to find the Sleaze Nation launch party (in the Dublin Castle), but ended up in the Good Mixer (full of NME types) and progressed to the World's End, where we were indeed chatted up by a drunk postman.

I'd forgotten all about that - your memory is clearly much better than mine!

Betty said...

I know I only seem to comment on this site when I say I Once Saw Someone Famous but ... actually that Mark Thingy out of Ride was standing in front of me when I went to see Sonic Youth live about fifteen years ago. He was with a woman who was about three feet taller than him who looked like Dolph Lundgren (fingers crossed that she isn't one of your regular readers ...)

I wish I could tell you something interesting about the Picts, but it wouldn't be very convincing coming from me.

patroclus said...

Betty, all reported sightings of once-tasty shoe-gazing indie boys are very welcome on this site.

Did you ever see Tim Thing out of the Charlatans, by any chance?

Betty said...

Um, only live a couple of times. I should imagine any former
shoe-gazing indie boys hanging out around here would be murdered by the fifteen year olds outside JJB Sports.

helen said...

oooh, Mark thingy from Ride was supposed to playing at Truck Festival this year.

But he didn't show up so Loz thingey from Ride played instead. He was fantastic and I blethered on at length about how I wanted to marry him and have his babies on my other blog.

V. uncharacteristic. In my defence I was deeply hungover and a bit tired and emotional.

patroclus said...

Better Loz from Ride than Loz from Kingmaker, Helen.

At least I think so.

I'm assuming I know you under another name, incidentally...