Monday, October 31, 2005


I heartily apologise to anyone who's trotted over from today's Media Guardian with the idea that they'll find lots of nice pictures of fancy lampshades, album covers and the like, only to find my Two Whiniest And Most Self-Pitying Posts Ever.

Hastily resuming normal service, I have just ordered this (marvellous lyrics, highly recommended) and this (Chris Morris, Charlie Brooker and the lovely Julian Barratt - together at last!), and very soon I'm going to be going here to see her, which should be mighty excellent.

Meanwhile, the lovely Pashmina brings you the latest from the world of fancy lampshades.

Phew, I think we got away with that...


Wyndham said...

Apparently I am always linking to Aston Martin. I really wish I had that kind of lifestyle. Sadly, it is not to be - at least, not in my lifetime. Still, mustn't grumble, I'd rather be associated with them than, say, Daewoo. Are they still going, I wonder.

james henry said...

Fantastically, Rob from GW (if you even watched it - I don't know) - writer and played the hospital CEO - was the 'that'll be the Daewoo' man. This makes me happy every day, just thinking about it.

patroclus said...

Oo, that's really quite exciting. I shall tell everyone forthwith that I've actually *met* the "That'll be the Daewoo" man! Does he ever say it to impress the ladies, in that-scene-from-Sideways style?

Merkin said...

Am I allowed to comment here, or are you deleting all the comments from the untermenschen such as myself who have not been namechecked by the national press?!

Well done you 3!

Urban Chick said...

from another uber-untermensch:

goodness, ms alps' piece read like your blogroll, P


patroclus said...

Ohh stop it, before my ego inflates to the size of Alaska (is that big, actually?). I've already demanded once this evening to be put on the guest list of a forthcoming gig because "I'm in the Guardian, you know". Insufferable media whore that I am.

gospex - what little baby geese wear to watch the telly with.

ScroobiousScrivener said...

And having just seen that you linked me (ooh! thankee!), I am now revelling in the reflected glory that is a Guardian name-checked blogger's blogroll. Erm. Might have to work a bit harder for my glory, there.

Anyhoo. I was busy for a bit and now I'm back and there are so many posts, so many comments that could be made... but I'm going to restrict myself to: thanks for the link, enjoy the cats and telly, and I'm so very painfully with you on the trials of family and their various financial and emotional messes, which one feels compelled to try to fix, regardless of one's actual capacity to do so.

And that's a sentence that should have known when to stop. Sorry.