Friday, October 21, 2005

Conversational Highlight No. 3

This is yer last one (I promise) - then I'm buggering off to France.

ME: Oh Christ, will it ever be 5.30?

L: Ten minutes.

ME: I'm going to have to gnaw my own hands off.

L: Have you got any actual work to do?

ME: Oh god, yes. I'm writing an article about whether Wi-Fi or 3G will emerge as the victorious standard for mobile data services.

L: Ah, right. Why don't you just talk about how society is collapsing and none of it is important?

ME: I think that's the main thrust of my argument, actually. "It doesn't matter, we're all going to die."

L: Now if you can just pad that out to 1,000 words...

ME: I could fill the rest of it with Nick Cave lyrics.

L: That would work.

ME: It'll be the best issue of 3G Bulletin ever.


greta said...

Speaking of the lovely Mr Cave (and in response to your comment over in my corner) have you seen this?

He gave a great Q&A down here, in spite of a proliferation of annoyingly sycophantic goth types in the crowd.

Merkin said...

Now there's a challenge - getting "GPRS" and "Bad Seeds" in the same sentence...

Fizzy good said...

That L, eh? What a riot.