Monday, October 24, 2005


Of all the weeks that I could have chosen to nick off to the South of France to ponce about taking* arty photographs of ruins, mountains, vineyards etc. for the cover of my Dad's latest opus, why did it have to be the one in which the one, the only Nick Cave is giving a talk at the National Film Theatre about his latest opus**?

Hmm, might see if I can sneak back early. If not, I'll need a volunteer to go and see it for me.

* The actual taking of the photos has been left in the capable hands of the lovely L, meaning that nibus and I are just poncing about doing that poncy rectangle thing with our fingers. Which is just as much fun.

** Thanks to Greta for bringing this to my attention. But at the same time, grrrr.


Kalista said...

You know if I didn't live in t'north I'd be down there to see monsouir cave for you patroclus. But alas I have no money due to using it to get slightly wasted on saturday night in a state of "i've just sent my work off to cambridge and the turmoil of not knowing whether they'll give me an interview or not"

You know it's bad when you can't stand up and it's only 8pm.

greta said...

I am so sorry.
Don't worry. The talk will probably be full of inane groupies and their crawly bum-lick questions.

Try to see the film though. Rather amazing.

Pashmina said...

Same thing happens to me, P - the moment I leave the country something important and/or good happens.

Not that this will be much of a comfort in your Cave-deprived state, I know. Sorry.

Tabby Rabbit said...

>>not a little poetry<< Do they mean a lot of poetry or none?

Gosh, I'm all confused...(maybe that's the drink)