Friday, October 14, 2005

Overheard In Waterstone's This Lunchtime

"Have you got The Little Tart, by Donna Friend?"


Pashmina said...

Gladder than ever that I didn't bother reading it...

patroclus said...

Still, The Secret History was ace, eh?

Is it time to go home yet?

Urban Chick said...

i'm tempted to type ROTFLMAO even though i have never done this IRL (as it were)

but i wanted to convey, somehow, just how amused i was by this post (not doing so well so far)

and so i say to you:


[i like to think that amy jenkins tells a similar tale of when my friend and i were queuing for a coffee in the trafalgar square branch of waterstones saying how we had heard how rubbish her latest book was and what a shame after 'this life' and wotnot and then 'ooh, look there's a pile of them there!' then my friend whispered 'and there's amy say behind the pile']

gosh, i've rambled

eversosorry - i don't get out much

Pashmina said...

The Secret History was so good that the Little Tart could only have been a disappointment. At lest that's what I'm telling people.

Nothing at all to do with it being a great big slab of a book that I knew I'd never be bothered to carry around with me. Oh no.

surly girl said...

once again i find myself plaintively crying "i rather loved the little friend". maybe because i read it before the secret history?