Saturday, May 05, 2007



ME: Ooh look, Tim Footman called me 'the Poly Styrene of the blogosphere'. I'm so punk rock.

MR BC: You *are* punk rock.

There is a pause, during which I sip Earl Grey tea and look at the Habitat catalogue.

MR BC: Of course, she went mad, you know.

ME: Yes, well, I went mad too, but then I took drugs and got better.


Tim Footman said...

Yes, but did you go Krishna?

patroclus said...

No, but oddly enough, the full story of How I Went Mad But Then I Took Drugs And Got Better was going to be the theme of today's post. I might tell that one tomorrow. That'll be fun for everyone.

cello said...

Are they classifying Earl Grey as a drug now? Cool. Does Tetley count?

Sylvia said...

I think Earl Grey is ok - now decaf green tea is a completely different kettle of fish. Or tea, even.
I could write a blog about how I went mad but then watched green wing and never got better. Would that be at all interesting?

patroclus said...

cello: Earl Grey is about as wild as it gets chez Patroclus these days - and sometimes even then I have to tone it down and drink caffeine-free peppermint instead. Tetley is far too strong for me - you're clearly quite hardcore.

Sylvia: Yes it would.

Urban Chick said...

oh lord, and now jon ronson wants in on the whither-a-bitchy-blogosphere debate

still, at least he was amusing(ish) about it all

patroclus said...

Do you know what this means, UC? It means that in The Time Before Blogging, all journalists must genuinely have believed that everyone loved them and hung on their every word. Even Caroline Phillips. Crikey.

First Nations said...

the party never stops at chez patroclus, does it?

(still here....just wearing dark glasses and a large brimmed hat lately. )

(and nothing else.)

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Hmm, didn't Gillian Anderson have a spell as a punk? It must run in the looks.

patroclus said...

I don't know about that, OPC, but I once saw her house in Elle Decoration and it was totally brilliant. If I ever get my own house I'm going to have totally black walls like she had, with chandeliers and sea-green chinoiserie. It's going to be fantastic.

Also the Observer once described Gillian Anderson as 'not quite cool', which endeared her to me even more.