Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life Imitates Ghostbusters

I can't help but feel that the Fabulous New Business Division that LC and I have been setting up is an exact mirror of the entire plot of Ghostbusters.

A metaphorical spook appeared in a notional municipal library in January, and by March we'd become convinced that all hell was about to break loose. We've even made an advert. It starts running next week.

But for now, everything is very quiet. Too quiet. A typical conversation in the office might go like this:

ME: LC, any calls?

LC: No.

ME: Any messages?

LC: No.

ME: Any customers?

LC: No, Dr. Patroclus.

ME: Type something, will you; we're paying for this stuff!

Still, I'm pretty sure something wildly unorthodox is going to happen any day now. I've even armed myself with a new pair of Converse and the latest Husky Rescue album in preparation for the coming Social Media Armageddon.

Anyway, while we're waiting for Zuul to manifest in the spanking new office fridge, please help yourselves to our super tap-along theme song:

Ray Parker Jr vs Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (m4a)
[Buy from Amazon]

Now back to cataloguing my collection of spores, moulds and fungus...


Billy said...

Which one of you is Peter Venkman?

james henry said...

Well, as long as one of you is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on their back, everything should work out fine.

patroclus said...

Billy: LC is probably Venkman. I feel very guilty for putting him in the role of Janine in the post there, seeing as he's actually the scientific genius behind the whole thing. I still want to be Egon Spengler, though.

James: We both have unlicensed nuclear accelerators, otherwise we wouldn't be able to cross the streams and save the world.

I love Ghostbusters. A bit too much.

Loganoc said...

Just keep humming the themetune and you'll be well prepared.

Tim Footman said...

Ah, my favourite bit of a movie quiz - the Other Ones round. The answer sheet usually goes something like this:

1. Jules Munshin
2. Brad Dexter
3. Joey Bishop
4. Kevin Kidd

realdoc said...

Any giant marshmallow men looming over your building yet?

Joseph said...

I await tales of James turning into a dog.

james henry said...

Hmm, first I'd have to be a 'nimble little minx'.

Instead of what I currently am, which is a 'fat bastard'.

GreatSheElephant said...

once Halp turns into the multimillion pound venture it is sure to become, I'll ask you to pitch. How about that?

Sylvia said...

wash your mouth out! How dare you say things like that!

What's Ghostbusters, by the way?Sorry, I'm an old person.