Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Night Music

Sometimes I like to listen to horrific, mental, bleeping techno tracks, and sometimes I like to listen to cute, romantic, insubstantial indiepop songs.

Tonight is one of the latter times.

Josh Ottum - It's All Right (mp3) - courtesy of Mill Pond Records.

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prolix said...


That's a damn good idea for a Last.FM tag.

patroclus said...

Go to it! Maybe I'll follow up with "cute-romantic-insubstantial-indiepop".

Billy said...

I'd like to hear horrific, cute, mental, insubstantial indiepop songs. A cross between Beat Happening and Mr Bungle.

Will someone make me the music I crave?

patroclus said...

Mike Patton just made that album, Billy - although admittedly the non-mental aspects are more trip-hop than indie-pop. It basically sounds as if the boy Patton had got into that machine from 'The Fly' with Tricky. No one (except me, but I appear to have no critical faculties whatsoever) seems to like it much.

Maybe we should form a Voxtrot-meets-the-Prodigy-style band...

Billy said...

My friend is obsessed with everything Mike Patton has done - I believe he had the new album on order weeks ago. I may yet get it - I'll borrow his copy for a bit and give a good listen first.

"Maybe we should form a Voxtrot-meets-the-Prodigy-style band"

That would certainly be interesting...

Spinsterella said...

Oh God.

I really don't have any time for FNM.

I can't imagine how bad Mike Patton's solo album might be.

But I like them cos they've got a song named after my sister.

Dave again said...

On R4 yesterday afternoon I heard mention of "Patroclus, Achilles’ gay friend".

I was about to expostulate: "No, she’s a feisty Scot, living in London" when I remembered this is all make-believe.

Carry on.