Sunday, June 04, 2006

Song Of The Week

If, like me, your hatred of the summer months borders on the psychotically violent, then you, like me, will be wanting to listen to soothing music like this:

Peeping Tom - Sucker (mp3) - courtesy of Berkeley Place

Warning: Swearing. Mentalness. Norah Jones*.

CORRECTION: This is the one with the mentalness (and Massive Attack). The other one only has swearing and Norah Jones:

Peeping Tom - Kill the DJ (mp3) - courtesy of Culture Bully

Oh, the narrative in this post has gone all non-linear. Perhaps this is what Rudy Rucker's metanovel is going to be like, in which case, god help us all.

Either way, the Peeping Tom album is pretty damn excellent, in a sweary, mental, totally eclectic kind of way.

* And I'm sure she used to be such a nice girl.

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occasional poster of comments said...

It's too damn hot for psychotic violence. I tend more towards an exhausted, itchy-eyed disdain.

Thanks for the mp3. I'm always eager to hear what lunacy Mike Patton's been perpetrating lately. Sometimes it's near unlistenable, sometimes gloriously unhinged, but never less than interesting.

(Will e-mail some answers to the survey tomorrow, for what they're worth).

patroclus said...

It's never too hot for psychotic violence, OPC.

The album is fairly listenable, though still admirably unhinged. I also hear fragments of possibly amusing lyrics, notably something about Will & Grace. Must listen more.

Looking forward to your survey answers. When the time comes I will effect some kind of analysis of all the responses and write a nice post about it.

Billy said...

Yes Mike Patton is unhinged without a doubt. Still anyone who can make their voice do those things is good in my book.

patroclus said...

I notice that the ineffably pretentious Stylus mag completely slated it, but even their completely-slating-it review makes it sound brilliant. Rather this than Coldplay, though, any day.

GreatSheElephant said...

I hate summer too. Another reason to flee north if only someone would damn well buy my flat

BiB said...

Those songs are awfully noisy. Couldn't you listen to a nice bit of Bucks Fizz, say, instead, although, admittedly, that might raise temperatures further still. Why do you hate summer, if I may ask? You should be spending this one in Germany. It's bloody arctic.

patroclus said...

Hm, I posted a comment in here yesterday, but it seems to have got lost in the ether. It was something about if I had to listen to a UK Eurovision entry, Gina G would definitely have the edge over Bucks Fizz.

Ooh yes, and then I suggested that we all have a blogosphere whip-round and collectively buy GSE's flat. But what would we use it for? Go renegade on Google and set up our own server farm? Host masked balls so that we can retain our semi-anonymity? Mope around in corners listening to Nick Cave?

Oh, and I'm not sure why I hate the summer, I think it's something to do with my inner goth. Summer's no time for white panstick and layers of black clothes, even metaphorically.

BiB said...

Blogger had full-blown BSE yesterday. Major delays, and then posts appearing twice. All that malarkey.

I'll buy GSE's flat. Where is it? And as long as it will cost less than the leaning tower of cents currently cluttering my left elbow. I'll be more than happy to then turn it over to a blogging museum, or blogarium, say.