Friday, December 02, 2005


I was going to make this entire post up, but as I have very little in the way of creative imagination, I'm afraid you're going to have to hear instead about What Really Happened last night.

In a way I was hoping that the fusion of the blogosphere and the Real World, not to mention the Green Wing fanbase/writer crossover nexus and the introduction of a random British Net Celebrity* might provoke some kind of total protonic reversal, resulting in all life as we know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in our bodies exploding at the speed of light, but this did not occur. Which was probably for the best, not least because the Seven Stars has only just been done up.

Instead, there was a lot of civilised chat about speed-dating, the dangers of allowing bodily fluids to seep inside an iPod Shuffle, the most cinematic way to carry out a hired killing, the similarities between Ogham script and Javascript, the difficulty in telling whether a shuffling old man is a tramp or a world-renowned theoretical physicist, what to do about the Pictish thing, and exactly how deranged a person would have to be to phone a girl pretending to be her boyfriend suffering from laryngitis - and more importantly, how long they could get away with this masterstroke of illusion.

I for one enjoyed myself immensely, and a great many thanks to Pashmina, Great She Elephant, Tabby Rabbit, James**, LC, Dave, cello and the lovely S for coming along.

Next up: the mythical South London Blogmeet!

* About whom I may have written somewhat gushingly on a previous occasion.

** Also a British Net Celebrity, having been awarded the accolade of Blog of the Week in last Saturday's Times.


Pashmina said...

Dammit, it really was that glamorous, wasn't it? Well summarised, P.

Smat said...

Damn, and I was sitting at home watching I'm a Celebrity, when I could have been there actually meeting celebrities.

cello said...

Who was the lovely S? I guess I was lucky to see as many people as I did considering...

patroclus said...

Ah, the lovely S is my friend the, er, lovely S. Who qualifies eminently as a lurker on these pages.