Monday, December 05, 2005


Sorry about that...just succumbing to a bit of blog paranoia, as predicted recently in this post.

I think we're* all OK now. Many thanks to everyone who enquired after my well-being/sanity.

* By which I mean *I*.


GreatSheElephant said...


still, schplendid etc

Urban Chick said...


was worried there

(that said, everyone is entitled to a monthly dose of existential angst...or is that just me? hmm)

surly girl said...

um, welcome back...what a confusing sort of day. did the dooced thing loom over you for a second there?

patroclus said...

Thanks ladies. SG, no, nothing like that. Just had total sense of humour/perspective failure and went a bit nuts over who might be reading my puerile, self-obsessed witterings. Still, all good material for something, I'm sure.

Pashmina said...

Good to see normal service has been resumed and all that. You caused quite a flurry of concern..

Wyndham said...

Existential crisis.

A typical Sunday.

patroclus said...

Pash: Ahh, thank you.

W: Indeed. Usually offset by a regular supply of tea and plain chocolate Choco Leibniz ("The Philosopher's Biscuit"). Sadly I was all out of both.

GreatSheElephant said...

hmm, I knew not going out was Unhealthy.

On the paranoia front, I think one has to confront the fact that if at some level we did not wish to be widely read, there is always the lockable diary under the mattress option. I refer you to my meta theory of your theory.

Having said that, I did blench when a client recently told me how much she was enjoying reading my blog. But I gritted my teeth, dived right in, started gossiping and found out more than I ever could imagine about her love life.

Having said that, the case study commission has not yet materialised.

Urban Chick said...

just for future reference as i think ahead to my next existential crisis (i tend to have a ohgodimustdeletemystupidblog moment about once every four days): how do you delete all your stuff and then restore it all so quickly?

patroclus said...

I didn't delete it - I moved it to another (top secret) address that I sometimes use. Handy tip!

It's easy to do, you just go into the Publishing tab and choose a different address. But you have to keep a placeholder page at the original address, otherwise you might lose it.

This isn't a long-term solution, by the way, as it becomes quite obvious quite quickly where it's moved to, especially to the people you link to. On the internet here's nowhere to hide...

patroclus said...

Btw, UC, your blog is great. Don't delete it!

Oo, it's like a whole new frontier, and no one knows what the rules are.

Oh, I said that already. And so did Ben Hammersley. Who is way more famous than I'll ever be, and who gives presentations entitled "Etiquette and the Singularity".

Betty said...

Um, I ought to thank you really as, due to a mention a few days back here my stats hit an all-time "high" because of visitors from yours who sensibly only stayed at mine for less than a second. You obviously wield enormous power ... but at what cost to your mental wellbeing?

Have had the first of my Christmas-related existential crises, so I can "relate". Take care.

Urban Chick said...


terribly clever

have made a mental note

(don't worry...i'm hanging on in there for my 200th post and 1st anniversary - both of which are very imminent - before scheduling my next bout of blog angst)

Spinsterella said...

Anonymity is the way forward.

I'm actually a twenty-stone welder from Wigan called Barry, just dreaming of a life as a foxy young spinster.

Pretty convincing, eh?

(Really though, if anyone I know ever finds this blog I'll have to move to Timbuktu)

Juggling Mother said...

Anonimity is the way to go, but it's hard to stay very ananymous & still write about real things in any detail!

I blog because otherwise I;d hit someone.

Shame Aggie didn't know about setting up another blogspot address to hide in. He's really upset about losing all his blog:-(

CQ has deleted her stat counter cos she was getting too involved in it, but that sounds a bit extreme to me. I need to know someone out there is reading me - and that it's NOT my mother! But I do try to ignore who they are, and just look at the numbers going up each day.

I will also add in my "don't go" plea.