Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So long then folks, I'm off to visit various parents for a few days, just like that Christmassy bit in Bridget Jones's Diary, eh?


james henry said...


Not at your parents. Just the whole Bridget Jones thing.

*shudders again*

Urban Chick said...

you're going to the south of france for crimpers?

snot fair

p.s. i am going to rent that village house with the romeo and juliet balcony and try and shimmy my way into your life just like matt damon in the talented mr ripley (although i shan't be bashing you over the head in a boat with a rock, you'll be pleased to hear)

p.p.s. ooh, i've spent a few summers swimming in the orb...

Urban Chick said...
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Urban Chick said...

don't worry, that was me (^^) being stoopid

nothing new there then

Pashmina said...

If it's not too late, happy Christmas. Have some beetroot cake for me..