Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's The New Going Out, You Know

My finances being in a terrible state, I've banned myself from leaving the flat this weekend for fear of haemorrhaging cash that I don't have along the gold-paved streets of Chiswick, Kensington and Camden.

Staying in all weekend presents a fabulous opportunity to sort one's life out, make Christmas present lists, write Christmas cards, file things in the filing cabinet, pay bills, do Spanish homework, clean the skirting boards, etc. Needless to say, I haven't done any of those things. Instead I spent the afternoon downloading old Spacemen 3 tracks and pretending to know stuff about RSS feeds.

That was fun while it lasted but Christ, I'm bored now. This is probably not unrelated to the fact that I haven't smoked since Thursday. One of the worst things about giving up smoking is that every day lasts for all eternity, and not in a good way. If I had to choose something to spend all of eternity doing, it probably wouldn't be sitting around in a flat in Shepherd's Bush with no money and no cigarettes.

I might still pick Transparent Radiation as the soundtrack, though.

But anyway! There's a fun week on the horizon, starting with Anarchic Hand's breakthrough gig at Ginglik on Monday night, Spanish class Christmas party on Wednesday, a possible trip to Kilburn on Thursday to see neo-Victorians The Shortwave Set play in some fashionable little venue, and a cocktail party (actually a drinks party; I just wanted to say "cocktail party" because it makes my life sound more glamorous) in South Kensington on Friday.

The week, ladies and gentlemen. It's the new weekend, dontcha know.


greta said...

Oh lordy... how unutterably wonderful are The Shortwave Set?
I think I'd shun modern society until next June if it meant I could see them.

patroclus said...

Only heard a couple of songs, Greta, but the album is on its way to me. If I go, I'll do you a nice review afterwards. Might even take some photos, now I've got my camera working again.

Betty said...

The Shortwave Set seem to be very "it" at the moment judging by what I've read. Unfortunately I'm very old and out of touch these days. Perhaps you will be able to convince me ...

GreatSheElephant said...

Staying in is Not Healthy.I suggest going out but only taking a fiver with you. At least you'll get a bit of fresh air that way (I'm sounding rather middle aged here, aren't I?)

patroclus said...

Worry not, GSE - I have actually been out for a lengthy walk around the streets and parks of West London, as I do every day. Hmm, a daily constitutional - now who's sounding middle aged?

Betty, I'll come back to you about TSS when I've convinced myself.