Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Food Stuff


Let me tell you, I thoroughly disapprove of this tagging malarky. But since it's the lovely Pashmina who's tagged me, I'll make an exception. So, my top ten foodstuffs (and bear in mind this is coming from someone who hasn't so much as taken a saucepan out of the cupboard for at least three months):

1. Plain Choco Leibniz biscuits

2. Lamb

3. Eggs Florentine

4. Anything that takes less than two and a quarter minutes to heat up in the microwave. Anything over two and quarter minutes I count as "cooking", which isn't in my repertoire.

5. Those big juicy white Spanish anchovies

6. Err, salmon

7. Oh, I don't know any more.

8. Can't I list my top ten Johnny Depp screen moments instead?

9. No.

10. I'll shut up then.

Sorry about that. I'm not very into food. As you might be able to tell.


UPDATE: Oh, I forgot to tag other people. So let's hear it, nibus, Tabby and Smat...


GreatSheElephant said...

ooh yes, those anchovies

Kellycat said...

Chocolate!! Where's the Chocolate??!!!!


patroclus said...

Err, it's on the Plain Choco Leibniz biscuits. Other than that, I'm no big fan of chocolate. Or handbags. Or clothes. Am I perhaps a man?

patroclus said...

I didn't mean to imply there that I don't *wear* clothes.

Kellycat said...

I saw the biscuits, but didn't feel they were sufficient.

If you don't do chocolate or handbags, I don't think we have anything further to say to each other. Literally. I'm going to have to reconsider my position as a lurker of your blog.

patroclus said...

Oh no, I'm losing the crowd with my crabbiness and musings about the Picts! Funny that.

I do like fancy expensive French underwear. Does that count?

No, that just makes me sound like a fetishist, doesn't it? Oh noooooo.


surly girl said...

i don't like anchovies. or handbags. or clothes.

i do like shoes though.

what were we talking about again?

Kellycat said...

Expensive and impractical underwear I can talk about. (By impractical I mean "very thing bra straps", rather than "crotchless"). Have drawers full of the stuff (that doesn't fit me anymore).

Surly - you don't need to do handbags. You have me for that.

nibus said...

What's this tagging business, now?

eipwndu: Afrikaans word for the fear you experience on seeing a gruesome face pressed against the glass

LC said...

>>> I didn't mean to imply there that I don't *wear* clothes.

I can provide independent verification that P does in fact 'wear clothes'. Quite stylish ones at that.

She's lying about the French underwear though - she buys all her pants from Tesco.

(LC pauses to consider whether this 'joke' may cause offence and get him into trouble. Presses publish button anyway.)

Kyahgirl said...

hmm, well, we could eat salmon together but the rest is questionable.
If I ever took the time to buy nice underwear I'm sure we'd have that in common. As personal shopping time is severely limited I have to make do with a quick trip to Zellers for essentials.

You wouldn't be so crabby if you ate more chocolate. Trust us on this. :-)