Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Exercise Your Democratic Rights!

As has been noted elsewhere, it's up to us, the people, to choose one of two Channel 4 comedies to go through to the shortlist for the People's Choice category for the forthcoming 2005 British Comedy Awards.

So it's between Green Wing, which is quite clearly The Best Sitcom Of Our Time With The Possible Exception Of Spaced, and another sitcom which I'm not going to mention in case you foolishly decide to vote for it instead*.

All fans of the Wing should therefore proceed immediately to their mobile phones and text "GREEN" to 86633 as many times as your bank balances can handle. Or call 0901 723 02 02 and press 7. Repeatedly.

Lines close midnight next Saturday 10th December, and the award ceremony itself is on Wednesday 14th December on ITV1. Go to it!

* Oh alright, Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere.


LC said...

I'm suffering from blog-amnesia/dejavu - didn't you already post this a few days ago? Where did it go? Did I dream it? I'm scared. (But most definitely NOT DRUNK!)

Smat said...

perhaps the original version disappeared in the existential crisis?

Urban Chick said...

yes i thought the same

surly girl said...

oh lord, what on earth is going on? am i allowed to change your link off my blog? or should i leave it as is?

do please explain, should you be of a mind to....