Saturday, June 11, 2005

Unfulfilled Potential

So the weekend stretches out before me like a long vast expanse full of as yet unfulfilled potential. It looks like one of those splendid middle class London summer weekends. What shall I do?

1. Embark on my quest to discover London's most expensive sandwich?

2. Buy a barbecue and barbecue some Halloumi cheese to have with couscous and salsa made out of cherry tomatoes and shallots?

3. Visit my great-aunt's paintings at the Tate?

4. Attempt to become the new Michael Ventris by resurrecting the Lost Language of the Picts through a mixture of luck, dedication and brilliant intellect?

5. Get the fuck out of London via my tried-and-tested method of turning up at a random train station and getting on a random train to somewhere I haven't been before?

6. Do some work?

7. Waste the entire weekend sitting inside with the blinds down posting rubbish on the comedy forum and chatting to people on IM?

Cast your votes now! And quickly!


cello said...

2,3,5 and 7 all sound excllent choices. And when in doubt, go with the food, I say.

You could always come out to Aldbury tomorrow (near Tring station) for their Open Gardens day. But make sure you visit the one called 'Childrens' Garden' that's a little bit out of the village. Don't let the title put you off. You might meet someone you know!

Tring is only 40 mins from Euston, or just off the A41. I'm serious!

cello said...

It's 2-6pm by the way.

patroclus said...

Thanks for the tip, cello! It's a long time since I looked at a nice garden. My own fag end-strewn square of concrete does not count.

JonnyB said...

Random Station (inter-city).

Platform 3.

Stay on the train for 52 minutes, then disembark at the next station.

patroclus said...

And if that magically brought me to Tring, then so much the better! I'll give it a go tomorrow.

cello said...

Incidentally, I am extremely impressed that you have an eminent artist as a great-aunt. Was she a ferociously independent, Morningside bluestocking, or a wild child of the heather? I don't know why, but I'll be disappointed if she's not from the Scottish side.

patroclus said...

Sadly, this great-aunt was as English as they come and married into the English side of our family so no Scottish heritage and no blood relative to me at all. Sorry. But by all accounts she was a splendidly Bohemian, bluestockinged sort. And her paintings are fab, lots of wonderful gardens and bucolic scenes.

There's some sort of retrospective happening next year to mark the centenary of her birth - I'll keep you posted. Not that you're probably in the least bit interested. But I will anyway.

Camp David said...

I like option 2, with tons of fresh Coriander in the Salsa. Or surf the net and see how many idiots assume you're a bloke. Thanks for your kind words.

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