Sunday, June 19, 2005

London! Cultcha! Prosperity!*

And with one final mighty effort she ruptures the chains of accidie (thanks cello) that have been holding her captive for, ooh, about the last five years, and decides to spend the coming week indulging in the finest pop culture the capital has to offer, to wit:

Monday: Andrew Lawrence ("creepy but prodigal") in either Tooting or Islington, depending on which listings you believe. Costs £2 less to see him in Tooting, but when you throw the potentially irreparable pyschological damage caused by going South Of The River (TM) into the mix, I'd rather pay £7 in Islington.

Wednesday: Will she or won't she go and see Hem ("like a whippet picking its way across nightingale boards") at the Shepherd's Bush Empire? The ticket's in the bag, but the jury's gone out for a very long lunch and shows no signs of returning anytime soon.

Friday: back to Islington for the mighty Husky Rescue ("As clear as icewater, as dazzling as the Aurora Borealis, as jolting as a splash in the face from a Finnish lake" - steady on) plus Bluesky Research ("like Ride and the Verve watching the Wicker Man") and Lowgold ("an extremely unlucky band").

What with all that and a top girlie lunch on the cards for Thursday, it's shaping up to be the Best Week Ever. Woohoo!

* to be uttered in yer best mockney accent.


earlyman said...

Oh she absolutely *must* go and see Hem. They will provide one of the most beautiful musical experiences that she could ever hope to witness.

Pashmina said...

He's right, you know. Realised yesterday, bowling along a country lane with the windows down and the stereo on, that there's some Hem on my iPod and it's brilliant.

patroclus said...


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