Friday, June 17, 2005

A Pretty Good Day, All Things Considered

In sharp contrast with yesterday, today was pretty good. The joy started early when I phoned an old friend to whom I hadn’t spoken in a while, viz: First Direct, to be greeted with the glad tidings that after years of miserable penury I’d somehow managed to pay off one of my myriad personal loans. Hurrah! I celebrated in fine style by immediately taking out a bigger one. Hurrah again! Still, that’ll see off the gargantuan Scottish builder.

Next, got a cab to Paddington with time to spare (this never usually happens, I normally arrive at railway stations about 23 seconds before my train is due to depart), so I elected to celebrate my new-found liquidity by purchasing a fabulous pair of beaded olive green flip-flops (Only a tenner? I’m buying another nine pairs tomorrow! Easy come, easy go!) of which surely even notable fashion guru Pashmina would approve. Excellent.

Profited from the merciful two-hour respite from the internet afforded by the train journey to read the Economist Technology Quarterly, which was full of thrilling technomancy like transmitting data through human skin (bring it on!) and wearing flash drives as earrings (not so sure about that one. Pash?).

Got picked up from Pershore (I don't know, somewhere off the shoulder of Orion?) station by M. Either the clear country air and rural solitude have finally gone to M's head or he's recently been on Pimp My Ride (note to self: must write to MTV about "Pimp My Cat" programme idea), because he turned up in an outrageous black, glossy, leather-interior pick-up truck with "WARRIOR" emblazoned on the side in huge silver letters. Later on I'll learn that this post-millennial warhorse is very good for indiscriminately mowing down small children outside the local primary school when racing to deliver your guest to the railway station 23 seconds before the train is due to depart.

As you would expect, M. and I worked very hard all afternoon on The Project From Hell, and at no point did we go to Upton Snodsbury ("The Jewel Of Worcestershire!") for an expense-account lunch in an alarming French-themed pub, arse about on IM or trawl eBay for stuffed rams' heads. Oh no.

All in all (barring the interminable, cramped, sweaty train journey home, which I temporarily had to abandon at Hayes & Harlington ("The Jewel Of Middlesex!") due to The Horror Of It All), A Good Day. Super!


Pashmina said...

Oh my god. You've found Ambridge.

You know that jury that's gone on semi-permanent lunch break about the Hem gig? They had a chat about the flash earrings thing in the morning and it doesn't look good (pun intended).

Those beaded flip-flops, on the other hand, are so fabulous that I very nearly bought a pair myself on Saturday. How's that for co-incidence?

patroclus said...

They *are* fabulous, aren't they? And they haven't even ripped my feet to shreds. Even better!

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