Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Radio Silence

Yes, well, I tried to write something very serious and considered about Raymond Williams and the structure of feeling, but it appears that I can't trust myself to write anything at all - not even about deceased cultural theorists, mmm, saucy - without committing a flagrant breach of my Strict Editorial Policy. Radio silence will therefore be observed until further notice.

*grins wickedly*


Tim Footman said...

You shagged Raymond Williams?

I think we deserve to know more. I've been entirely upfront about that thing with Derrida, me, and the tube of Primula.

nibus said...

Is it a breach of your Strict Editorial Policy to tell us what your Strict Editorial Policy is?

gtoeaa: Maori expression meaning "I shouldn't have kicked that boulder"

Billy said...

These strict editorial policies are a pain. I break mine all the time, don't really know why I bother having one.

But there you go.

Spinsterella said...

Raymond Williams?


Dead Welshman. Right.

Isn't the whole point of having an editorial policy breaking it?

LoRi~fLoWer said...

Having an editorial policy ensures the ability to make vague leading comments. It is, therefore, worth having.

Anonymous said...

Also missed your editorial policy. What happened with the thesis btw?

patroclus said...

Tim: I can categorically state that I have not had sexual relations with any of the founding fathers of cultural studies, not even the ones that are still alive.

Those French post-structuralists, on the other hand, well they're just *filthy*.

Nibus, Realdoc: the editorial policy (such as it is) is outlined in the comments here.

GreatSheElephant said...

Good grief, I appear to have stolen Patroclus's editorial policy wholesale.

DavetheF said...

I just perused it. No sex? Where's the fun in that?

No blogging while depressed is my policy too, hence no posts since god knows when.

Depression and laziness make suitable bedfellows, I reckon.

Wyndham said...

My new policy is: No job, no posts. Oh, hold on.

Arabella said...

I read Foucault (you had to frown and go "Hmmmm...) Then I came across something about him regularly cavorting about in a rubber dress and I became a seminar giggler after that.
Don't remember any spread cheese.

james henry said...

I thought 'Rudebox' was rubbish.