Sunday, October 08, 2006

Borderline Origami

In retrospect, the signal that we eventually settled on on Saturday night to indicate our whereabouts to other bloggers possibly erred on the side of the over-subtle.

If you turned up and failed to find us, it's probably because we were sitting as far away from the on-stage action as topographically possible, and only identifiable by this small and hastily-improvised table decoration:

It's meant to be a (blue) cat, but it looked alarmingly like the rabbit from Donnie Darko, and I think we were all quite relieved when the barman took it away. Later on, James applied his black-belt origami skills to the re-creation of the unicorn from the end of Blade Runner, thus:

I don't think I need say any more about that one, except to note that it now graces my mantelpiece along with a small Transformer that doesn't actually transform, and two packets of Moomin chewing gum.

There was also a disappointing lack of people dressed as otters (unless they were only slightly dressed as otters and spent the evening hanging about in the shadows), and the band member we thought was GW Patrick turned out to be someone else entirely, which was strange, because we had met Patrick earlier in the evening and he definitely existed and everything.

So in conclusion, sincere apologies to anyone who turned up and couldn't find us, and a hearty hurrah for Slaminsky, Corin, Billy and the lovely Llewtrah, who did. And it turns out that Billy and Corin live about three feet away from me in London's swinging Shepherd's Bush, so I'd better be on my best behaviour when prowling about in Askew Road.

UPDATE: Lots on my mind at the moment, the writing-about of which would almost certainly violate my Second Rule of Blogging. However, it isn't possible to get *too* depressed while there are still joyous uplifting orchestral indie-jangle-pop songs in the world - and here for your Monday afternoon musical delectation is what is probably the bestest example of the genre EVER:

The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic (mp3)



Kalista said...

Origami! I bloody love origami! I make a mean swan. Was a good birthday had by all then patch?

Billy said...

Well it was a tremendous time had by me and it wasn't even my birthday.

The cat/rabbit looks more sinister in that picture then it did in real life though.

SimonHolyHoses said...

The cat/rabbit also looks uncannily like the devil/thing that appears in the nightime sky at the end of the film "The Quatermass Experiment".
cf... a picture of it

Maybe the sinister origami creature was also a "horned devil presiding over all mankind".

PS. The unicorn's not that bad!

Del said...

Too bad she won't live, but then again who does?

And Vangellis to close. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm all sad we missed you now. Do all you young people go to bed early then?

LoRi~fLoWer said...

Sounds like you had fun, even excepting the otters.

Anonymous said...

Just spotted a reference to your relationship in the Guardian Media section by the way.

patroclus said...

>>Do all you young people go to bed early then?<<

Fortunately I no longer class myself as young, and therefore I don't have to confess that I'm often tucked up in bed by 8.30pm, watching Battlestar Galactica.

I saw that bit in the Guardian, and laughed quite a lot.

I'm sorry I missed you though, realdoc - it would have been great to meet up. Hope the anniversary weekend was suitably romantic *and* cultured.

Dave again said...

I looked and looked and looked, but couldn't work out which ones you all were. That's why I didn't come over and introduce myself.

That and being hundreds of miles away in rural Norfolk, not allowed to drive because of drugs.

kalista said...

Patch, I need the advice of a wise woman over on my blog!

Mangonel said...

I'm sorry your Second Rule of Blogging needs invoking.I can't abide it when people tell me to cheer up, it may never happen, especially when it already has. They only do it once.