Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Modish Indiefolktronica Time!

Pull on your Converse, dust down your cute monsters t-shirts* and shoulder your record bags, for it is modish indiefolktronica festival time!

Tomorrow the lovely Mr BC and I will be attending this, where we will be enjoying her, and him, and - if the 'secret gig' rumours prove to be true - also him, in these dignified and commodious surroundings.

There are tickets left, apparently. Go to it!

* Which I first saw on Vic's super-stylish blog.

UPDATE: Erm...make that *would have* attended this event - if I hadn't foolishly completely lost the tickets. Doh!


vic said...

We are going to be in London this weekend so this sounds quite tempting.

Have you heard if he's going to be doing any more than playing banjo for St Vincent? While I don't think there's a better looking banjo player out there, I'm not sure a few songs of perving is worth £22.

patroclus said...

Ooh, Vic, you're much more informed about this than I am. I don't know for definite if he's even going to be there, let alone what he's going to be doing if he is. I don't even technically like Sufjan, as he's a bit too fey and whimsical for my tastes.

Still, you don't see too many fey, whimsical US indie starlets playing banjo in London on a Saturday afternoon, so I'm quite excited about it, all the same.

Come and say hi if you do go along - I'm the tiny, scruffy blonde one, and the lovely Mr BC is the tall, dark one with the Keira Knightley - ahem, I mean *fabulous* - haircut.

Lorna said...

Envious! YM would like to point out that he loves (his emphasis not mine) banjo-related music, though I suspect he means the robust Irish folky kind rather than the Sufjan Stevens kind.

Have fun, and don't let anyone spill anything on your monster top.

Sylvia said...

Hope you have a great time!
I have to excavate a child's bedroom tomorrow, as well as attend my fat cows on the common session at 9am.

patroclus said...

Lorna: Or might it be the bluegrass kind? My only experience of that kind of thing is Swamptrash's top cover of Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire', but my brother is something of a connoisseur. Also, I'd like to say I owned a cute monster t-shirt, but sadly I'll never be that fashionable.

Sylvia: Have fun with the excavations, but remember, if you find a La Tene sword lying on top of the lego Aqua Raiders, it's a flagrant breach of the law of superposition, and as such is unlikely to be a genuine find.

Annie said...

I saw that, and thought 'I bet Patroclus would like to go to that' but forgot to email you - good job you don't rely on me for knowledge of musical extravaganzas.

How do you pronounce Sufjan (just in case in comes up in polite conversation)?

Valerie said...

Oh well... having just gotten over jet lag from Oz to Kali-fornia, the trek might just be a bit much. But sounds like an excellent lineup.

I think I prefer the Stan Ridgeway cover of Ring of Fire. He gets more mileage out of the 'r' in 'Fire' than strictly necessary, but it amuses.

On the other hand I like banjo a lot, especially when it's unexpected.

Well, not smacked on my head in the middle of the night kind of unexpected.

Maybe I'm not actually OVER jet lag yet, now that I think about it.

Sylvia said...

Oh no - that's awful - couldn't you have blagged your way in????

belladona said...

A monster t-shirt I don't own! Must have! I got a lovely one for my birthday of a godzilla-like monster about to chomp on a plane. Naughty!
I once lost some NIN tickets. Gah. I'm still bitter. Time, in this case, does not heal.

vic said...

Oh no, what a shame. We didn't make it either. I was hoping you'd report that he only played a few songs and I didn't miss much.

Instead I was lying on the grass in the sun. I think I made the right decision.