Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time And Relative Thinger In Whatsit

The jet-set life of the IT copywriter is such that I never know which exotic locale I will be swanning off to next.

Yesterday, for example, I was summoned to Earls Court to do some glamorous live-action note-taking in front of a studio audience. At a public sector computing show.

(Really, sometimes I'm amazed no one has ever wanted to make a book of this blog.)

Anyway, I've been to Earls Court like a million times, but I swear I've never seen this before:

There was no sign of David Tennant, but his absence was as naught to me as I am the only female in Britain to remain steadfastly immune to his charms.

But enough of this drivel. I recommend that you depart these pages post-haste and go and check out these two new blogs:

1. The Blovel, where a bunch of talented bloggers are fashioning a gripping LA-based noir out of the primordial ooze of the blogosphere, orchestrated by GSE.

2. Chumster, where LC has assumed the role of blog post quality filter and is choosing one 'good' and/or 'funny' post a day from the blogosphere at large, and presenting it for your delectation.

Go to it!


violetforthemoment said...

David Tennant confuses me. I'm also immune to his charms but apparently only when I'm awake: a couple of times it's all got rather shocking in the ol' subconscious after I've gone to sleep. I worry.

Valerie said...

I'm immune to David Tennant (though I'm not in the UK) but, oddly, not Christopher Eccleston, who I thought was Really Hot as the Doctor.

Thanks for the enthusiasm for The Blovel! I don't know where we're going, but we're having fun en route...

And now I'll go check out the Chumster. Yay!

Tim Footman said...

" note-taking in front of a studio audience..."

There are a number of establishments here in Bangkok that would pay you pretty good beer money for that sort of display. But you'd have to do it in time to a Beyonce song. In your pants. And have a friend join in half way through.

Billy said...

I keep thinking David Tennant uses his real accent in Doctor Who and is only putting on the Scottish accent. Much more of House and I'll be thinking the same thing about Hugh Laurie.

Kieran said...

You mean Hugh Laurie isn't South African? Damn.

extemporanea said...

'Tis indeed fortunate that (a) you're immune to his charms, and (b) I'm not in Britain, as I have absolutely no immunity whatsoever and would probably have swooned on encountering an unexpected Tardis in a London street. Hell, I occasionally swoon encountering it in a London street on my television screen.

My commiserations on your tragic immunity ;>.

rivergirlie said...

may i apply to join the 'can't see what all the fuss is about david tenant club'? it's the mad staring eyes that i can't cope with. and all that twitching. honestly, i get enough of that sort of thing at home.

patroclus said...

Rivergirlie: Exactly! Like a weasel on speed (and I usually hate 'like x on y'-type phrases, but I think in this case it's apt).

I like him very much as an actor, but he doesn't do anything for me in *that* way.

He'll no doubt be pleased to hear.

realdoc said...

Did you find out why it was there? The tardis I mean.
I'm afraid I reside in the definately not immune category. He counts as a "naughty twinkler" in my personal attractive men classification system.

Valerie said...

Ooh, I want to hear more about realdoc's attractive men classification system. (She has a point. And maybe the reason I'm immune to David Tennant is that I like to be the naughty one.)

llewtrah said...

There was a real blue police box near where my grandparents lived. We used to knock on the door and run away, hoping the Doctor would answer.