Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rubbish Week

Warning: I'm always very grumpy in the summer. This is no doubt just the first of many whiny posts to appear before the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness descends upon us once more. And on that merrie note:

What a completely rubbish week it's been. Not only have I been going to bed when it's still light and getting up when it's still dark, but I've also received a court summons, growled at a colleague and accidentally ignited a Giant Internet Flame War in which I apparently upset a child and allegedly sent someone else a threatening email. Also, the cat has gone mad, I've run out of milk, I keep having panic attacks and the lights won't go on in the kitchen.

Apart from that, everything's fine and dandy. Hurrah!

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BiB said...

Oh dear, bad luck. I know I should come up with some wonderfully soothing words, but I can't think of any. I went through each problem, and the only one I could find a solution to was the milk one. Still, you never know. Solve that crisis and there might be a positive snowball effect. Or summat.

The Blind Flaneur said...

And no Green Wing to look forward to either. Oh dear.

patroclus said...

BiB: Thank you for your kind words and practical advice. I think you're right about the milk, in fact I eventually defused the accidental flame war by offering all warring factions a nice cup of tea. Ahhh, the Brits, eh?

BF: Indeed not. Still, there's only another seven months to wait for the final episode, sigh. Very much enjoying your stint over at Wyndham's, by the way, particularly your use of the word 'prelapsarian'.

Spinsterella said...

A court summons?

Have you been getting up to mischief and misdemeanours?

Is that what you were doing on your mysterious trip to Southampton?

Do tell...

Dave again said...

Well, as you know, it's all sweetness and light over at my place, where we're all as happy as very happy people in Happyland who've just won the Premium Bonds.

So I bet you really enjoyed reading my blog this morning.


If it's any consolation, my hand hurts quite a lot, following my dislocated finger.

Smat said...

Is the court summons anything I can help with? And try changing the lightbulb.

Betty said...

Do you suffer from inverse seasonal effective disorder, and feel out of sorts because of too much daylight? Perhaps you should close the blinds or curtains during the daytime, and always wear sunglasses.

The panic attacks should subside if you reduce your caffeine intake (I think ...).

As for the Giant Internet Flame War, well, you're nobody on the interweb until you can upset a few people. "I want those who get to know me to become admirers or my enemies" as the sage Adam Ant said.