Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Everybody Loves Dead Chatboards

This is probably only going to be of (possibly limited) interest to about five people*, but for those five:

Calm yourselves, it's the entire EHA archive!

For everyone else, normal service will be resumed. By which I mean me posting items that are of limited interest to about five people.

* So pretty much the entire readership, then.

UPDATE: By 'entire', I meant of course 'partial' and 'mostly broken'. But I did my best.


Dave again said...

The links keeps timing out every time I try to visit it. Not your fault, I'm sure. Still, I have got better things to do with my time, you know.

That would be becauuse I'm on holiday, so am now going to go out into the garden and pull up weeds.

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Well like Dave I've tried the link but all I get is 'This page cannot be displayed'. I can only assume with the author of Psalm 139(don't get too many quotes from the Psalms on this blog - is this a first?)'such knowledge is too wonderful and excellent for me: I cannot attain unto it'. But I expect they get by in Southampton.

(Just seen a bit further on in Ps. 147 'neither delighteth he in any man's legs'. Good stuff. Must tell Tonip.)

patroclus said...

Of course, by 'mostly broken', I meant 'completely broken'.

Still, that's what the brave new world of blogging is all about, isn't it - posting broken links to things that no one was interested in anyway. Forward the revolution!

Dave again said...

Psalm 48: 6 'From now on I show you new things, hidden things you did not know before. They were not created long ago, but in this very hour; before today you had never heard of them.'

Ceratinly true of some people's blogs.

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Ps. 119: 105 'Thy word is a lantern unto my feet: and a light unto my paths.'

Arnos Grove (Gardner-Schach amendment, 1983)

Dave again said...

Come on Pat, your turn.

Spinsterella said...

Is the fact that the 'Everyone Hates Attachments' link (or attachment?) won't open a deliberate post-modern comment on, um, hating attachments?

Or something?

Psalms are for Protestants, we weren't allowed near any of them. I can still recite an exercise-book full of catechism, plus the Hail Mary and Our Father in Irish though.

First Nations said...


treespotter said...

i'm not one of the five so i won't comment.

chuffy! said...

The links, like all webarchive links, sporadically work.

Mmmmm....Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack.

Will investigate further when have day to waste. Although it won't be wasted, of course. Have long thought entire EHA archive should be bound into arch, modernist novel, outselling Da Vinci code and provoking ugly, precedent-setting legal battle with DG and Snark.

chuffy! said...

Grrr...it doesn't go all the way back to the Bergerac era, so we miss out on Charlie Brooker inviting you to indulge in cutlery-based anal play. Or am I misremembering?

patroclus said...

It does find more of it if you click on the 'last week' and 'last month' links on the actual pages. Wasted a lot of time last night cackling insanely to myself at the sheer lunacy and viciousness of most of it.

Favourite bit so far is 'Battachments', in which BatMike blows coke up BatLuce's nose by flapping his giant wings in front of her. And Ip-spector Morse, who drives around Oxford networks in his Noddy Jag, sniffing out illegal packets.

Must stop laughing now as at conference. On the subject of which, I can exclusively reveal the Scissor Sisters to be the soundtrack of choice for 'corporate' Web 2.0. A murky world indeed.

chuff! said...

I liked my own 'Mary, Mungo and Mr.T', as well as your 'Changing Tombs' (in which "Zombies decorate each other's coffins with grave-goods fashioned from MDF and stencils depicting the afterlife").

This is going to take hours. I've just rediscovered Ptolemy Erlington (uninventable Brighton conceptual artist who refashions hub-caps under the inspiration of Nepalese hill-tribes). And they *still* haven't sorted out the 168 bus debacle.

patroclus said...

*Everyone else look away for your own good*

I'm currently very much enjoying this from 'JakesButt':

"If you're looking for hot network action, simply channel hop to ITV - This week's Peak Practice saw a new 512k leased line being installed in the surgery - and there were close-ups of a 2000 series Cisco router being configured - fantastic."

You just don't get chat like that on the Channel 4 GW forum.