Monday, May 29, 2006

Art Imitates Blog Shocker

Having written about it in this post, I was gratified to discover earlier that someone has taken the idea of Burne-Jones's Perseus series as a giant comic strip literally, and from this:

has created this:


More superheroes in artistic settings to be had here (via BoingBoing).


Pashmina said...

My god, there is some serious Wonder Woman fetishisation going on on that site.

Ace Spidey pic, though, thanks - it's gone down very well at Casa Pashmina.

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Oh marvellous. Time well spent. This should cheer you up.

[What was Dave's Plan A in the previous post, do you think?]

First Nations said...

utterly outstanding!!!
i'm sending the link to my daughter.
*cracking up*

smoo2 said...

Those are cool pics-some well thought out ones! Good find, Patroclus. Glad to see you are still here!