Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stop This Infernal Nonsense

That is *it* - I'm not posting again until it's officially Autumn and I can wear my nice brown suede boots without fainting from heatstroke and drink Whipped Chocolate Kittens while kicking through the autumn leaves in Ravenscourt Park, doing up another button on my coat, adjusting my scarf for maximum protection against the chill and uttering a contented "brrrr".

On the other hand you *might* get an update on tonight's Husky Rescue gig, especially if anything entertaining, amusing or unexpected occurs. Which it might. You can never tell with these Finns.


poppy said...

ugh, i hate autumn. i dont really like any season actually. but i'd like to wear boots though.

lauren said...

whipped chocolate kittens - should i be calling the rspca?

on the suede boots front - i paid a hell of a lot for mine last season, and i'll be damned if the weather won't let me wear them any earlier than november. they're sooo pretty

cello said...

Autumn is my favourite season. At least, it is when we're in it

It may be something to do with having our birthdays during it and nothing at all to do with leaves.

surly girl said...

i'm glad i won't be the only one wearing last year's boots.