Saturday, September 17, 2005

New World Order

Say what you like about the dotcom boom (and it paid for my house in France, so I'm inclined to look upon it favourably), but without it the following conversation would never have occurred in our office:

H: Oh God, we need an iPod Nano for our client's prize draw on Tuesday.

S: Amazon haven't got any.

Me: Dabs have got some, they emailed me to tell me.

S: It says on their website they've got 59 in stock. I don't believe that. I mean if they emailed you, how many other people must they have emailed?

Me: I didn't buy one!

H: There's no way we'll get one in time for Tuesday.

Me: Why don't we just go to the Apple Store?

H: What, the actual shop?

Me: Mm.

H (phoning M): Can you go into the Apple Store and get an iPod Nano?

M: Sure thing.

H (minutes later): M says he's bought two!

All: Wow, that's amazing.

Oh, how quickly we forget the old ways.


Smat said...

do you remember shops being closed on Sundays and closing at lunchtime on Wednesdays? How did we cope before 24hour Tescos?

Catpee said...

Americans complain the shops don't open long enough here (well, Belfast) I suppose they open later in London. They open until at least 8 every night in New York. In fact, I think they may open until ten.
People here would not want to work to such a ridiculous time at night.

Urban Chick said...

ipod nano: verrrrry cute and thin and s-h-i-n-y (on the back)




Merkin said...

Can I enter your prize draw then? I have an iPod, but I'm a sucker for shiny things that are thin. Apart from Kate Moss, who I've now gone RIGHT off.