Friday, September 09, 2005

Mmm, Sweet Little Kittens

So, Husky Rescue. I am in love with this band*. I want to elope with them to Helsinki and have beautiful dreamy conversations about kittens under the stars for the rest of my life.

I can't think when I last went to a more civilised, ethereal gig - Bush Hall is one of those classy venues with rococo plasterwork, crystal chandeliers and a strict no-smoking policy that was only occasionally flouted by Companion A. Last night they even had nice chairs and tables laid out, of which we took full advantage.

The band played on a tiny stage illuminated by candles, whereupon they performed every single song from their super Country Falls album, punctuated by singer Reeta's childlike observations delivered in a very sweet Finnish accent. Example: "This song is about...very dangerous stuff." (This before ambling into a fey, dreamy rendition of, erm, Alice Cooper's "Poison". Fantastic.)

Companion B, who had apparently been expecting "an angry man with a guitar", was particularly struck by Reeta's alleged resemblance to Paris Hilton. Luckily I wasn't wearing my glasses, and thus avoided having my evening spoiled by this unfortunate state of affairs. No, it was all just splendid.

*And* I'm seeing them tomorrow lunchtime on the Isle of Wight. And then I'm going to stow away in the back of their van and never come back.

* I shudder to think what dreadful Observer supplement demographic this puts me in. I fear the worst.


cello said...

Yesterday's penultimate Prom was from the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. Nice for Paul P and me not to be left out. Though it was all French music.

Pashmina said...

Have belatedly realised that Bush Hall is at the end of my old road in da Bush, and used to be an incredibly dodgy snooker club.

Gig sounds marvellous, am most jealous (musican entertainment here seems to consist largely of barely-recognisable Bryan Adams songs rendered on acoustic guitars)

patroclus said...

What no Sibelius, cello?

I thought the pair of you might also like to know that no one snogged anyone, and no one got beaten up either. Although the latter was a close call.

cello said...


cello said...

There was some Sibelius apparently (though not Finlandia), but I only switched on for La Mer.

patroclus said...

Phew - after I posted that I was a bit worried that you would expose my total ignorance on classical music-related matters by pointing out that Sibelius only wrote for the Lappish nose flute, or something.