Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Accidents Will Happen

I've recently joined an email discussion list for business laydeez in Cornwall.

As well as confirming my suspicions that the Cornish economy - or at least the female portion of it - is built entirely on the manufacture and sale of sea-glass jewellery and hand-made organic soap, the list is quite heartwarming in its community feel, with members frequently recommending people and services to each other.

Some recommendations, however, may have the opposite effect to the one intended. This one from earlier today being a case in point:

"I visited ultimate beauty in penryn last week and had an amazing facial with Tabatha...everyone was really friendly, offered some sound advice,i felt so relaxed afterwards i could hardly drive."

Readers are advised to avoid the B3292 in Penryn between the hours of 9 and 5, due to a heightened risk of collision with immaculately exfoliated motorists.


Anonymous said...

I'd have got a taxi home after that.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for the warning. I shall only allow hirsute ladies to chauffeur me henceforth.

John Cowan said...

It can be no worse than the economy of the United States, where we sell each other houses with money borrowed from China (all other economic activity being trivial by comparison).

Dave said...

Where exactly is Cornwall?

realdoc said...

Most beauty salons round here play whale song and/or enya. Both guaranteed to provoke road rage in me on the way home.

Lettuce Hater said...

i have nothing compelling to add to this discussion but i had to say something because my word veri is: witudway

which i fancy is an abbreviation for:

(i'm) wit' u (all) d'way (babe)


anyhoo, i plan to sign off my emails with this new word when i want to sound supportive

Boz said...

We'll blame Tabatha for the pile-ups then. Poor Tabatha.

Emma Payne said...

I also noticed on a recent visit that you can't buy normal candles in Cornwall, only weird scented ones wrapped in dried grass and pieces of parchment, and you can only have wellies if they have flowers or dots on them. I blame those sea-glass jewellery laydeez, they're taking over the world.