Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogging Serendipity

Tim in Thailand's latest post has just led me to the Follow The Yellow Brick Road blog, winner of this year's Manchester Blog Awards.

Coincidentally, a recent post on that blog has a link to the Advice To Sink In Slowly art project, in which students at University College Falmouth - which is right here in Penryn - have designed some really beautiful posters containing useful advice for new students starting at the college.

Coincidentally, Mr BC is at University College Falmouth RIGHT NOW, guest-lecturing to some of those new students on how to forge a career in professional writing.

Coincidentally, one of his bits of advice will undoubtedly be to start a blog in order to get your writing out there, which, coincidentally, is what Tim's original post is all about.

I know, it's well coincimental.

But anyway, aside from the Thailand-Manchester-Penryn blogging connection, the Advice To Sink In Slowly posters are well worth a look, and indeed, at a fiver a go, a purchase. Here's my favourite:

More lovely poster art where that came from here.


Annie said...

What a fantastic project, that's my favourite too, very reasonable for a fiver. (I also liked 'Don't fuck your flatmate.')

patroclus said...

They're great, aren't they? I went mad and bought FOUR, and I still want more. It's like the Pantone mugs all over again.

Boz said...

They are splendid! Just the thing. I think the Be Patient one is my best, although I am slightly jealous of the Falmouth-specific ones.

Valerie said...

Oh, lovely stuff. But why'd you have to go and remind me of the Pantone mugs? Now I want some again, and there is no reason for any additional mug to enter this house ever again.

realdoc said...

Advice I wish I'd received at that age beautifully presented. Don't fuck your flatmate and canoe seem particularly salient.

Word ver is excroop....hope the kitten is well

The Dotterel said...

Where's the one urging everyonen to blog?