Sunday, May 18, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Readers! Do you also have a blog? Do you want to tell all about your blog to a complete stranger, in complete confidence? Do you have the stamina and strength of mind to answer many questions about why you blog, where you blog, when you blog, and whether you've ever actually, erm, 'got jiggy' with anyone as a result of blogging?

If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute - pick up your laptop and go to Bête de Jour's. He's doing a survey of bloggers and needs another 757 replies, apparently.

Go to it!

(Unless you've already done it, of course, in which case don't go to it, or you'll pollute the sample.)


Dave said...

Is 'getting jiggy' the intended aim of blogging then?

Surely it is pure coincidence that you and the Blue Cat...?

Does sharing a pot of tea with a blogger count?

Tim Footman said...

Forget getting jiggy. She got with child, the harlot. She'll be in the Magdalen laundries before you know it.

janey33 said...

I've got a blog. But I haven't got a laptop, sadly. So I only blog in the same place. In front of my computer. I haven't "got jiggy" with anyone yet because of it though. Mind you, I've only had it a day but still, hope springs eternal!
(Maybe Mr J will read it and be overcome with jiggy urges?)

patroclus said...

Dave: Hey, these are La Bete's questions, not mine.

Tim: Nonsense - I am doing noble work, incubating a new generation of bloggers.

Janey: Ooh, where? Can we see it yet?

janey33 said...

It's a bit basic at the moment, this is actually the third blog that I've started but I keep forgetting my passwords and user names! I've just gone on to rant a bit really, as no-one indoors listens to me, but I've had one comment already. Yay!
You can find it here..
I'm not very good with the links
and stuff yet. (I'm still getting to grips with a t.v remote control!)
Any suggestions for livening it up a bit, will be gratefully received.

La Bête said...

Cheers for this, Patroclus.

And for the record, if blogging isn't really about getting jiggy, then I'll be blowed.