Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lying On My Bed With Nothing In My Head

Well, I didn't come back from Wokingham with any blogging inspiration, although I did come back with bleeding feet and a potentially enormous work project (although experience dictates that potentially enormous work projects tend to have a way of dematerialising shortly after coming into being, like fragile soap bubbles of money pricked into non-existence by the capricious fairies of transatlantic office politics).

So while I'm still suffering from blogger's block, here are some things that aren't YouTube videos:

1. A photograph of my lair:

In this photo you may notice some or all of the following:

- A to-do list that is dated 24th December 2007.

- A calendar that is still set to March.

- A to-do pad with nothing written on it.

- A broken pencil.

- A map of the recently redefined Schengen area.

- An image of the Blue Kitten doing an impression of a frozen king prawn.

- Some iPod earphones engaged in a complicated mating dance.

2. A photograph of some cherry blossom in my dad's garden...

...which I rather pretentiously fancy to be the organic cousin of this other photo I took last year of some wrought iron:

3. A rather splendid squelchy acid dance number by a band with the rather splendid name of Holy Fuck, featuring some rather splendid drumming into the bargain:

Holy Fuck - Royal Gregory (m4a)

Right, I'm off back to the chaise longue to wallow in the continued ennui.


Anonymous said...

I like the nice greys and light-blues of your photos. Your pencil and stapler go rather nicely together in the first snap and then the colours in the last two speak for themselves. Mind you, I am colour-blind.

Has Schengen really existed since 1985? Germany looks rather puny on a map. Poland looks as if it should be able to beat Germany up no problem.

cello said...

I hope you have enlisted someone to peel grapes for you and to read Rimbaud.

patroclus said...

BiB: I believe it was the contention of the last Polish prime minister (the creepy twin one who lived at home with his mum and didn't have a bank account) that Poland could easily have beaten Germany up if the Germans hadn't done away with so many Poles in the war. Apparently this didn't make him very popular at EU cocktail parties.

Cello: Have you been listening to Nick Cave? The song whose lyric is the title of this post goes on to say: 'I will be your slave / I will peel you grapes / Up on your pedestal / With your ivory and apes'. Although I can't imagine a pedestal would be nearly as comfy as the chaise longue.

Anonymous said...

One of those twins - can't remember if it was the President or Prime Minister one - has now been deposed so the top two posts are no longer simply a family affair. Which has probably done no end of good for Poland's image.

Meant to say last time, but got distracted: nice blue kitten and nice handwriting.

nuttycow said...

Love looking at bits and bobs on other people's desks.

Glad to see I'm not the only one having a little bit of a writing block at the moment.

cello said...

"Have you been listening to Nick Cave?"

The world hasn't completely turned upside down you know.

More importantly, have you been listening to Rameau? Perfect anti-ennui stuff.

Boz said...

Love having a good old nose. It's like the slightly poncy section in The Guardian where you see a picture of a writer's writing area. I'm right there, squinting to see if Doris Lessing has as many paperclip holders as I do etc etc.

Sylvia said...

I thought that! I love that bit in the Guardian review section on Saturday showing the creative person's workplace - who needs to snoop when they bring it directly to you!

And as for the blue kitten photo - I have to break it to you, P - they give exactly the same photo to everyone. They took one photo - of one Dean Riley, I believe - in 1969 - and they've been dishing out the same one to prospective parents ever since!