Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guardian/Observer Letters Blog

For anyone who's interested, I've now given the Guardian/Observer letters project its own blog: Guardian/Observer Letters.

I'll post each day's chart there, along with any other useful info that anyone sends me (on which note, thanks to Miss-Cellany for that News & Observer article, and to Valerie for an apposite post from the Daily Kos).


Dave said...

You got me counting the letters in The Times today.

Mostly men, if you hadn't guessed.

patroclus said...

Good work, Dave. If you ever see a copy of the Times in which the letters are written mostly by women, let me know.

llewtrah said...

How about counting how many letters Keith Flett and Anthony Papadopolous get published each week in the Guardian/Observer. I can't work out why the paper still publishes their inane non-comments.

patroclus said...

Llewtrah: I'm keeping an eye out for Keith Flett. I haven't come across him or the other chap yet, but it sounds like can only be a matter of time.