Thursday, March 27, 2008

Off Again

Off to France for the Wedding of the Year and concomitant Patroclus family get-together, where guests will include Nibus, Albert and other fine bloggers of yore.

Back in a few days, unless I feel a terrible compulsion to liveblog the joyous proceedings.


Anonymous said...

holding out for liveblogging. living vicariously. have fun!

Jayne said...

Another vote for liveblogging here. We ought to club together and get you a little handheld thingy (I'm full of the technical knowhow me).

Mangonel said...


That's a word?

Spinsterella said...

Liveblog the wedding, go on, you know you want to!

Mangonel - the guardian regularly liveblogs telly shows. it's great. And I realsied that much as i hated Little Red Boat, I actually like Anna Pickard in proper work guise.

On wedding themes, I'm off to a hen do in Milton bloody Keynes, oh yes. i am clearly even less posh than I had already thought.