Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Afternoon Disco Of Doom

If you've ever dared to dream about what the glorious result might have been if the gene pools of Goth and Disco had ever accidentally become mingled, then dream no longer.

This is quite the most brilliant - and possibly the only - example of the goth-disco crossover genre, and I can't stop listening to it. I think the 'bow bow bow bow bow' bits (from 0:52 to 1:13) are the best thing I have ever heard, ever.

John Maus - Rights For Gays (m4a)

Absolutely no idea what the song is going on about, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it isn't homophobic, because that would be a terrible waste of what is clearly Musical Genius.

Also, on this evidence, it would appear that John Maus is a more than worthy candidate for Private Eye's Pseuds' Corner, but that can be excused. Mainly because of the 'bow bow bow bow bow' bits.

Bow bow bow bow bow!

More where that came from at Amazon.


Valerie said...

You're absolutely right about the 'bow bow bow' bits. The lyrics seem to be deliberately confusing, so I will have to hope with you, because with bits like:

comin' out
and [then they're/they're not] going to hell
tie 'em to a fence post
[no/so/but/then] you can take, take 'em to the bank

I can only scratch my head and listen to the 'bow bow bow's.

Bowbowbow. It's Friday, hurrah! Time to go eat masses of Thai food and watch silly videos with some local buddies.

Tim Footman said...

John Maus is also the real name of John Walker from the Walker Brothers (who weren't called Walker and weren't brothers). Sorry, thought you might like to know that.

midwest said...

This John Maus is not that John Maus. This John Maus was born in 1980, the other in '42 or something.
JM is not homophobic!! Rather, this song was written for a Democratic candidate to use online several years ago. Probably a little edgy for that however! :)

patroclus said...

Valerie: Thanks for that, between your comment and Midwest's, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I haven't unwittingly gone all Daily Mail on yo' sorry asses. And mmm, Thai food.

Tim: Hmm, but now I'm not sure who the Walker Brothers are/were either. Did they make crisps? Or shortbread?

Midwest: Welcome, and thanks for clearing that up, I feel better now.