Friday, April 20, 2007

When In Doubt, Make A List

It's that time again - that time when I exclusively reveal everything I've looked up on Wikipedia in the last few days, in order to avoid work provide my long-suffering readers with a fascinating glimpse into my psyche:

The Aliens
2006 FIFA World Cup
Broken Social Scene
Clara Bow
Difference Engine
Irrational Exuberance
Jet Boy, Jet Girl
Junior Boys
Leila K
List of Minor Characters in Judge Dredd
Nemesis the Warlock
Shirley Kwan
Virginia Tech Shootings

Hmm. That's not nearly as good a list as last time. I think my Wikipedia-fu is slipping.


Betty said...

... so ...

... is that Leila K the Swedish rapper who insisted that she wasn't down with horse, wasn't down with crack?

patroclus said...

Betty, the very one. I was fondly recalling her cover of 'Ça Plane Pour Moi'.

And quite right she was too. You wouldn't want to fall down a crack with a horse, especially if you were in any way claustrophobic.

LC said...

What's with all the 2000AD shizzle?

(btw - this is the first comment I ever posted from my enormous new HD screen. It's super awesomely huge.)

GreatSheElephant said...

All I've looked up recently is MVNOs. Oh, and my own name, which isn't there of course.

Lorna said...

Nemesis the Warlock has the best name/title combination I've heard in some time!

My Wikipedia list has these three next to each other, rather worryingly: 'abortion, alliums, Amish'. That can't be good.

Annie said...

Ah yes, Clara Bow. Just had a quick look and didn't realise she'd had such a tragic life - it was more inspired by a) her petiteness and
b) her charm, honest...

Annie said...

'Clara preferred playing poker with her cook, maid, and chauffeur over attending her movie premieres.'

Billy said...

I think the Cleaners from Venus' seriously lo-fi (you can hear ducks quaking over the opening) tribute "Clara Bow" should go on a forthcoming podcast.