Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Song Of The Week!

Get it now, before it becomes the soundtrack to a Coke ad/an Adidas ad/a Nike ad/every single barbecue you will attend this summer:

Bonde do Role - Solta o Frango (mp3)

[Buy from Boomkat]

UPDATE: While we're on the topic of glorious musical silliness, please also accept this mashup of Elvis Presley's 'King Creole' with 'Ça Plane Pour Moi' (the original Plastic Bertrand version, not the Leila K version, although I loved that too, as I will love any song that crams a lot of words into not much space, no matter what language it's in), and the Banana Splits theme:

Arty Fufkin - Creole Pour Moi (mp3)

[More where that came from at Arty Fufkin's website]

Not one for the Elvis purists, I'd imagine, but it makes me laugh.


Valerie said...

Nothing quite like those squeaks, is there?

Makes me think sentimentally of an old 2NU song... but I digress

I like Rolling Stone's description of Bonde do Role as "pairing the biggest, dumbest samples ever with comically dirty shout-rapped Portuguese lyrics. 'The joke is to be as stupid and cheesy as you can be,' says MC and producer Pedro D'eyrot, 'and people will buy it.' "

patroclus said...

Hee hee, I'm going to adopt that mantra for my work.

Annie Rhiannon said...

Hmm, not sure I like it but I'm sure I'll be nodding along by the fourth barbeque.

Thanks for keeping me up-to-date though.

miss-cellany said...

I liked it, but my cat flew from the desk and hid. not sure what that says? One listen and it's still blipping round my head...

Also wanted to say that I've just put up a post about the research ting, and if you and any of your lovely readers had a moment to reply, that would be grand :)