Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Clearly Researching The World's Greatest Novel

Things I've apparently looked up on Wikipedia recently:

Albigensian Crusade
Arsène Wenger
Clay Shirky
Monitor Lizards
Panty Line
Philippe le Bel
Pierre Bourdieu
Raoul 'Tin Tin' Dufy*

I *am* Neal Stephenson and I claim my £5! And now (well, shortly) I'm off here, with this one, to turn it all into a pale imitation of this. Hurrah!

* Which made me laugh a lot, but not as much as Wyndham's job interview.


LoRi~fLoWer said...

What exactly is there to look up about Panty Line?

patroclus said...

I can't remember now, Lori, but I'm sure it was very important.

That might have been part of my research on 'wikipedia entries that were clearly written by fetishists'. I may write a little monograph on that subject one day.

Or a wikipedia entry.

Hannah said...

I *heart* Wikipedia. I truly believe it's the reason I've not yet been thrown out of university...

realdoc said...

I can see you as Eliza, but I hope James doesn't suffer the same disability as Jack 'half-cocked' Shaftoe

Wyndham said...

Hooray for Bernard Quartermass. I think of him every time I travel through Hobbs End on the Piccadilly.

james henry said...

*checks worriedly*

No, I'm thanks - but if any worrying affliction occur realdoc, you will obviously be the first recipient of a concerned email.

Billy said...

I always think it's impressive Arsene Wenger ended up as the manager of Arsenal.

It's like Tottenham being managed by someone called Totts N. Ham.

Spinsterella said...

Surely the legenday This One deserves a bigger Wikipedia entry than that?

(Have a lovely holiday, both of yis)

patroclus said...

My strict editorial policy doesn't permit me to make any observations about the size of James's Wikipedia entry.

Instead, I'm thinking that Arsène Wenger might like to deploy the other Wikipedians in a classic two-two-one formation, with Clay Shirky and Philippe le Bel upfront (in periwigs), Pierre Bourdieu and Bernard Quatermass deployed somewhere along the panty line, and the legendary Raoul 'Tin Tin' Dufy in goal.

Billy said...

Is there such a thing as faux-Fauvism? Because there should be.

patroclus said...

Faux-Fauvism FC!

I'm sorry, I've gone a bit delirious.

Arabella said...

Too right there should be, Billy. Knit the jumper and start the craze.

First Nations said...

I have an excellent book on the albengensians called 'Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error'.
it says nothing about whether the fall of their clothes was marred by unsightly pantylines, though. i've just checked the index.

Arabella said...

Oooooo indices....
You can't beat a good one.

Tim Footman said...

I see your Raoul 'Tin Tin' Dufy and I raise you Clare Gauguin out of Altered Images.

And Montaillou is a fantastic read indeed.

patroclus said...

Clare Gauguin! Well played Tim!

*tries to think of more, fails*

I should really read that Montaillou book.

Lorna said...

Periwigs, Flintlocks... It looks like you've got the bones of a historical bodice-ripper there!

Have a great holiday :)

belladona said...

Hurrah indeed! Fun in Finland (please catch a moomin for me)!
As you are clearly now the fount of all knowledge, just what did georgian gentlemen wear underneath their breeches (or possibly their pantaloons)? I would ask online but I'm worried I may come across a wikipedia entry that was clearly written by a fetishist.

Pashmina said...

Those holiday plans worked out all right in the end, didn't they?

If you don't return with armfuls of Marimekko-festooned Moomins, though, I can't be held responsible for the consequences.

PEANUT said...

i loked up PEANUT on WICKYPEEDYER it said THE PEANUT IS NOT A NUP IT IS A LEGGUME yes i knew that you dolts

corin said...

I think it would improve the novel (he wrote, having never seen a draft) if the match had to be called off because of a stampede of monitor lizards. All that stood between them and the total reptilian domination of the FA was Quatermass.